Kent State University at Stark Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is known for a cheaper tuition than main campus.


My school is best know for the the music, nursing, and fashion programs. I think that there are great resources that the college offers enables students to extend their education and want to be apart of this school. Kent State is an outstanding school that goes beyond any possible way to reach out to all of their students.


The school is best known for how green the campus is. It has a great recycling program. One that is constantly willing to improve.


In my opinion, the regional campus that I attend is best known for it's low tuition cost, small class size, and the fact that it's still part of it is more legit than other small colleges.


Kent University is probably well known for being a great University but also small in relation to other college or univeritys. There is more individual attention, and they have a great nursing program.


I do believe it is one of the top universities in Ohio.


Kent State University at Stark is most definitely acknowledged for having smaller classroom sizes, which allows students and professors to interact at a more personal level, thus enhancing students' education by allowing them to request one-on-one help from professors more frequently.


Kent State University is best known for our fashion program. It is ranked number one in Ohio and third in the world. Aside from our fashion program, Kent Stark is also well known for their high ranking of 4 year graduates.


Kent State Stark is best known for the atmosphere. It's a cheap school to goto and it's close to home. Almost everyone is a commuter and the teachers are extremely friendly. Kent State Stark is a starter school for most students, and we offer a variety of majors and minors. Students who start here usually make a transition to Kent Main which is a much bigger school where you can finish your degree. I think Kent Start is a small, cost efficient school to get you ready for college.