Kent State University at Stark Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I talk to my friends about Kent State University at Stark, I most brag about how helpful the staff is when it comes time to get registered for classes.


When articulating to my friends the most significant aspects of my academic experience, I typically inform of what a wonderful opportunity it is, to be able to attend a higher-learning institution in The United States. There are millions of people on this planet of ours who would love to have a similiar opporunity but certain circumstances have not facilitated their desire. I bragging to my friends about this wonderful opportunity I have had the good fortune to experience.


I tell them that they will never feel more like a cohesive group than at Kent State. Not only do we have great professors and classes but we also have the best student body. I have not met anyone attending Kent yet that wasn't a great person!


I enjoy telling them all the fun activities my school has. There are so many days where we get free food or have some type of entertainment. Last year we got to ride a fake bull it was very fun and something new to me. We always have pictures and dances. I really enjoy all the outside activities there are. I also enjoy all the different types of classes that are offered. You can take classes that are interesting to you and do the required classes. It makes a better person.


The freedom to choose the classes I take and when I take them. The campus is also great and in a great location.


It is so laid back and student friendly, we play campus games and have cook outs and play movies on a big screen on the lawn. They want us to not be so stressed so they give us plently of other non-school related things to do. its awesome


Being a transfer student for the 2010/2011 school year, I'd say that Kent State University has excellent professors and a great facility. I enjoyed my experiece being new to the school. I'm now continuing my education accepted into Kent State's nursing program 2011. I'd also comment on their statement "Excellence in Action" which I think says it all.


That the Stark State College, a 2 year associates only facility, has the same or higher educational standards as the traditional 4 year campus. I have often found the coursework at the 2 year campus more challanging since there are condensing the 4 year programs into a 2 year's not you parents community college anymore.


If i were to brag about my school, I would most likely be bragging about the great education at a somewhat reasonible cost. Also, I would brag about how small the class sizes are and how professors know their students and interact with each of them.


That I was accepted