Kent State University at Stark Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I find the worst thing about Kent Stark to be the food quility in the Emporium. Otherwise, I really have nothing to complain about. I love my college!


I think teaching is a noble profession and its time consuming. As of today we don't have the most enthusiatic teachers in the classroom. Teachers should want their students to excel in academics not just sports.


I don't think there is a "worst thing" about Kent State Stark. I would strongly recommened this campus. It is a great transittion from high school to college. Kent State Stark allows its students to transfer to other colleges like Kent Main. Even though Kent Stark does not offer as many degrees as Kent Main does, a student can complete Kent Core at the Stark campus and then transfer to the Main campus. Kent Stark is also cheaper then Kent Main so a student can save money, have smaller class sizes and meet new people easily.


As of this date, I have nothing negative to say about my school.


The worst thing about my school is that I feel like I am not getting the full college experience. It's a regional campus so it does not have a lot of the extra curricular that the main campus has.


The lack of student involvement. I had the pleasure of attending main campus for a year. But I could not afford another year on my own so I transferred here. There is no feeling of a collective student body. No unity. Partly, I think its because a school that is surrounded by a city. Commuter students come here, and the average age of students is higher than that of Kent main. I feel student body unity makes for a more positive learning enviroment, and a more positive outlook about school from students.


The worst thing is the drive. While most of my classes are at the Stark campus, which is a 45 minute drive, I also have to get to the Kent campus. That's an hour and 15 minute drive. I don't mind the Stark drive, but the Kent drive can get quite bad in the winter.


I find that the worst thing about my school is that the student scholarships are not easy to access or find information about. When going into the financial aid office, information is not always provided, or apparent as to where to go to find this information. Scholarships and financial aid should be promoted for all students because they are great resources and should be available to anyone who is searching.


The worst thing about my school is how small it is and the fact that there is no on campus living. It's kind of hard to make a lot of new friends because everybody is a comuter student. It seems like everyone is going there just to get through school, not to better themselves and meet new people.


As I took one of my previous classes at this campus and got to know a certain teacher I wish that there could be more than one professor teaching classes. A class that I struggled in and with the teacher was the only one provided, so I had no other option but to be in this class. It might not be something that is possible, but it is tough to only have one professor there for a class that you would like to have some other options in who the professor could be.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of bookstores in the area to create a competition and lower the prices of books and supplies.


i concider the worst thing at kent state-stark to be the distance between the parking lot and the buildings. i consider this the worst because many of my classes are at night and it gets cold after dark.


I didn't find any negatives about my school.


I can not think of one thing that is awful about my school. I really love it, when its time to go to main campus i will be very sad. we have a beautiful campus at kent stark, it looks like a park. I really love to just walk around it and enjoy all the wonderful work they do to make it lokk so nice. We have great equipment and buildings to use. its a wonderful campus.