Kent State University at Stark Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is committed to getting an excellent education. This person should be willing to reach out for all of the resources that are found at the campus at no cost. For example, if he or she is having trouble with any course, they should go to the student service center and receive help form all of the tutors that are available. The kind of person that attends this school needs to be willing to fight to achieve success in their future school years by fully committing to the school.


I believe someone who comes to this school needs to be a person of knowledge. One that knows what their goals are and strive to reach those goals.


Someone who wants to have a good time while getting their education at an excellent university and someone who loves being involved in campus activities.


Any one who would like to get a college education and advance their knowledge in whatever field they are interested in. I am a young adult who is returning to college to try to further my career. I work full time and will attend classes in the evening. They also offer online classes so if you are a person who needs to be home more, there is the option to learn at home.


If I had to say what kind of person should attend Kent State University - Stark Campus, I would be challenged to make such a narrow speculation. Kent Stark is a great school for all types of people. There are students who have taken time off or students who transfer in from other schools, there are post-secondary students and people who come over on their lunch break for classes. I don't think I could come up with one kind of person that wouldn't fit in at Kent Stark because of the diversity here.


Kent State Stark is good school for college studenst wishing to earn degrees in communications, business, and specials arts. Sporting a wide range of students from recent high school graduates, single parents, and sponsoring a new "free without degree" program for senior citizens t. This campus has a smaller student to teacher ratio which helps if you have trouble focusing in larger groups. It is more of a laid-back campus, quite ideal for the independent student, especially if you need to work another job. It's easy to work around the different hours if you are a busy person.


The type of person that should attend Kent State Stark is someone who wishes to acheive a four year Bachelor's degree. There are a variety of degrees to choose from, some of which can even be completed at the Stark Campus. A person attending Kent State Stark should understand that they will probably need to take at least some of their classes at Kent, the main campus, in order to attain their degree.