Kent State University at Stark Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Kent State University at Stark is that it is so affordable, I will be able to get a degree and start a career without racking up an insane amount of debt in student loans!


The best thing would have to be the availabilty of computer to student ratio.


The best thing about attending Kent State University-Stark Campus is the small campus. There is only four buildings that make up the campus plus a REC center. The classes at Kent State Stark are also small which allow its students to have one on one interaction with their professors. The professors care that their students succeed and are always willing to help. Also since it is a small campus, its easier to meet new people. I was very nervous that I wouldn't make new friends but within the first week I had a new best friend.


The best thing about kent stark is the price. It is unbeatable for what I am studying, and it makes life a little easier.


I love the atmosphere of the campus, they provide more than enough help for me to do well in my studies.


The best part about kent state at stark is that the class room sizes are small. You are able to have one on one attention from the teacher more often than you would be able to at a bigger university.


The campus is small but beautiful. There is plenty of green space with trees and flowers. The teachers are all very well educated and from my experience are always willing to help studings succeed.


Kent State Stark is a great place to learn because of it's small size. The instructor's are very hands on and they care about each student individually. There are great resources for tutoring and extra help and the entire staff is extremely helpful and understanding in every situation.


The best thing about my school is all the resources they provide for extra help in classes you may be having trouble in.


The best thing about Kent State Stark Campus is the people. Whether it be professors, secretaries, or fellow students, the people are great. I have never met so many friendly, helpful people in my life and it has created a really great environment to get an education.


The best thing is that it's local, and since its so small you start to make more friends. You start to know more people because you see them around and become friends. I think that its a friendlier college and since it is small you know more people and less students in the class room.


The best thing about my school is the individuality you can maintain due to the small size of the campus. The professor know their students by name and you feel comfortable on campus. It also has a good repuation as far as receiving a decent education, as well as a clean and well-maintained campus.


The Kent State University's Stark Campus is relatively small (approximately 5,000 students), which allows students to have a more active role in certain clubs and activities on campus. Contrary to that of a large college campus, the environment at KSU Stark is much more personal, and it is much easier to interact with students and professors at a school of this size. Opportunities that may not be so obvious at larger schools are much more apparent at a smaller college campus, and I have discovered several interests that I may not have otherwise noticed because of this.