Kent State University at Trumbull Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


As a freshman just getting out of high school, I find the worst thing about Kent Trumbull to be the size. It is very small, which makes me feel like I am in high school still. Although I feel I am gaining the same level of education and expertise in my field, I do feel that I am lacking in the feeling and experience of what our culture has set a university to be.


At the campus i attended there wasn't a variety of classes to take because it was a small campus. So you had to take what they offered or you would have to drive to another campus to take classes that may not have been offered there.


Although the experience is a small community college atmosphere, one is able to obtain a degree with a big University name. This is a plus, but it does limit the amount of classes offered. For working adults and single parents like myself, it is sometimes conflicting with schedules. With that being said, I would consider the limited amount of courses offered the worst thing about Kent State University Trumbull Campus.


I am a pre-nursing major, i wish they would either accept more applicants into the program at one time (especially to account for the dropouts) or at least offer acceptance into the program more than once a year. I am applying this semster, and because i slacked as a freshman, i may not get into the program this fall and i do not want to be put behind another year. I took time off, and am much more motivated to be here, and my grades show that now, i just do not want to be penalized for my past.


I really can't say that there is anything that is considered a "worst thing" about my school. I think Kent Trumbull Campus is great! The professors are helpful and knowledgeable and I have always enjoyed my classes there.


I honestly can't think of anything negative about Kent State University. The regional campuses have a lack of entertainment as they are not full fledged Universities. But, this is made up with student commons and lounges being lathered with interests.


That would be the lack of the full college experience. (i.e. living in a dorm room, away from home)