Kent State University at Tuscarawas Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I love the atmosphere at Kent Tuscarawas. Everyone is so friendly, just a simple hello can put a smile on anyones face and that is the kind of atmosphere here at Kent. I love that everyone knows everyone by name because we are not a very large campus. I also love that you make friends so easily. The friends you make at Kent are the ones that are going to last a lifetime. If I had to describe my classmates in one word, it would have to be amazing. Some of the sweetest people!


Younger than me, but friendly.


They are friendly and helpful people who usually will help you out when you need it.


A majority of the students attending Kent Tuscarawas are 18-23 years old. They are just beginning their adult life. I on the other had, is part of the minority who have been in the work force. For whatever reason, we are going back to start or complete their education. In my case, I was recently laid off and decided to take this opportunity as a door opening and complete my education before re-entering the workforce.


My classmates are highly diverse in age groups and learning backgrounds.


My classmates are a very eclectic group of individuals.


My classmates are of various ages and there are both male and female.