Kent State University at Tuscarawas Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


When I went through high school I was very involved in my class. I was very involved in sports & also with my church and I worked. It wasn't always easy but I have almost made it through my first year. I need to anage time better. I work a full time job at Lauren Manufacturing as the accounts receiveable intern and go to school full time. It isn't easy but I love the people I work with. I would also tell mysef to make more friends. Going through high school I was friendly with everyone but I kept my circle of friends close. I have just about every religion, race, ethnicity, weirdness of friends you can imagine. I had parents who were very strict with us children growing up. Being the third out of four children money is aways a struggle. I would go back to high school and apply for more scholarhsips. College isn't cheap, and to me and education is super important. Everyone bit of money counts. My one goal I have told myself since day one is that I do not want to go in debt, and that is something I won't do.


Take the time to research the job market in the area you live. Be careful of getting a general degree, such as in psychology. Explore your field of study outside of the college. Volunteer in many different settings. Ask questions.


The first thing i would do is counsel myself on the importance of the stept i am about to take. The choices and decisions i make are going to affect me the rest of my life. I can make it memorable and productive or i can waste someones hard earned money. This is a major step into adulthood, and facing and accepting responsibilities. I am to realize and understand that i will encounter distractions and pier pressure, but to stay focused and keep my mind on the goal. That i will have to exercise discipline and get my assignments on time because i am no longer in high school and will be treated as an adult. I am to strive to be a leader and not follower, to give my full attention to making the best grades possible. The work i do and grades i achieve will help me get the job i have worked to obtain.


I would tell myself all about how college classes work, how much time will need to be spent, and maybe give myself a crash course in time management. Many students go into college thinking it will be exactly like high school and it is not at all. College courses generally have less small homework grades and more tests and high point papers. Most of the course grade is based on test and paper scores, so getting one bad grade can seriously hurt the overall grade for the class. Whereas, in high school there are multiple opportunities to recover a bad test score with high scores on homework and small projects. Most college courses are 2 or 3 days a week for an hour or two. Since there is much less lecture time, students are expected to do much more outside reading and studying of the coursework. Many new college students don't realize this. Because of these major changes, time management becomes severely important to any new college student.


I would tell myself that I need to work hard to achieve my goals. I would also tell myself that if I ever needed help that the teachers will help in any way they can. I would also tell myself that the classes are more relaxed to where that you do not have to ask permission to get up and leave to get stuff to drink or use the restroom. I would also tell myself that there is a learning center that helps you out with anything class related that you are having trouble with. I would also say to myself that they have some good computer labs. I would also tell myself not to wait to get classes or books because they tend to fill up fast and that it is cheaper to buy books online instead of in the bookstore.


I would make sure I attended this campus and did everything I have already done. I would make sure I applied myself to some of my non major classes to raise my GPA, but other than that I would not change a thing.


My Advise To Me- Remember that day you were fifiteen years old and you picked up your first cigarette? How about your first joint at sixteen? My advice to you, If I could go back and do it all over is don't smoke that cigarette or that joint. Keep your friends close instead of pushing them away. Also take those post-secondary classes you wanted to take but never did. Then maybe you'd be ahead of the game instead of behing like you are now. I would tell you not to tell your "so-called" friends about the people you were dating and the things you were doing if I wouldve known the social humilaition it wouldve caused. And most of all I would tell you to stand up for what you believe in and speak your mind, instead of sitting in the background and hiding. You were a social butterfly and it shouldn't have waited til college to come out.


If I could go back in time I'd give myself advice that may seem obvious now, but I didn't think it would make such a great impact on the life I now lead. Don't go to sleep late the night before your ACT and SAT, the result can be catastrophic. Remember to write things down in your planner, you bought it for a reason. Even if you say you'll remember what you need to do later, write it down (in the planner). Make sure you don't leave things for the last minute. Ask questions if you don't understand things, if you're afraid of what others may think just ask the teacher after class. Apply for all the scholarships and universities. Don't forget what your priorities are, you need to do well in school so that you can make your dreams come true. Do your best and make everyone proud.


If I were to go back in time and know what I know about college, I would advise myself to push through high school harder. College is well worth the stress and money. In high school I recieved A's and B's, in college i finished my first semester with a 3.957 GPA. The accomplishment I felt was relentless. If I would have known how good it felt to be so high up on the totem pole in high school, I would have accomplished more. I would also tell myself to get a job and save up money. You're going to need it when you hit college life. Now granted, grants, scholarships and loans help a tremendous amount, but some people aren't as fortunate as others and can get denied. College life really is an eye opener. It's hard to explain. When you experience college life, you won't forget it. My words to myself would be " you can do it, don't let other discourage you of your dreams."


The apprehension and intimidation about, higher education in unwarranted. You will do well, given your dedication and perseverence, you will overcome any obstacles that may present themself. Be strong and you will see, endless possibilties, growth as a person, and what an amazing/successful woman within, is waiting to emerge.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to avoid procrastination at all costs. I would tell myself to apply for every scholarship available to me and to make scholarships/grants a priority activity late into my junior year and throughout my entire senior year. I also wish I would have told myself to start better studying habits so that when I transitioned to studying for college courses my habits were more effective. I would tell myself that college is a different ball game than highschool, even though I hated to hear that then. But, I would also tell myself not to freak out. College is a place where you can be yourself, learn more about who you are, and grow as a person. It is also a place where you really begin the rest of your life and that makes it a key step in life.


If I could go back and give my high school senior self advice, it would go something like this... "You're not ready for college. As much as you think you are, think again. It's way rougher then that Latin test you didn't study for next period, or that research paper you're about to pull an all nighter for tonight. You are about to get a small taste of the real world in the next four years and it's gonna knock you on your butt at first. Don't try to breeze through college like you have high school cause it won't work. Work hard and study harder. Because those two things are gonna be what gets you to where you're going. I just wish someone would have gave me a heads up so that I could've started earlier.


College seems like a gigantic, overwhelming change right now but you will soon see that it is a change but one worth pursuing. Don't be anxious for it but embrass this new chapter in your life. Get on those scholarships. There are so many out there, you just have to dig. Don't slack off, there will be plenty of time for that later.


Partying with friends is fun but should not be top priority at such a critical point in an individuals life. Education is the only key to a successful future. Finding friends who have common interests in a college setting is much more interesting and fulfilling than dead end friendships that seem fun but tend to lead nowhere. Growth that comes from expanding your horizon through education is invaluable. Life possibilities can be endless if you apply yourself. The sense of accomplishment attained through commitment and dedication of learning career skills helps a person mature and become an asset to society. Looking beyond the immediate future at 18 years of age can be difficult but for persons with the foresight to do so, life can go along a much smoother path. Reaching the age of 45, I can honestly say, that if given a chance to do things over again, I would definitely take a much more indepth look at myself. The goals I am reaching for now would have made much more sense than the path I chose many years ago.


Looking back on my senior year, there is only one thing I would change. My senior year I spent most of my time studying, working, participating in National Honor Society, and playing varsity softball which I was the team captain. Because I was so busy, I feel that I didn't take enough time to really enjoy my senior year and take a step back from all of the chaos for a moment and just relax and have fun. I've known how to study hard, be organized, and prioritize really well my whole life but I didn't exactly master how to fit in time for some fun. I've always been the person who is all work and no play which isn't always a good thing. If I could go back in time to my senior year I would tell myself to take some time out every now and then and just have some fun because in college you have to be able to relax every now and then so you don't get worn out and stressed out so much. Most people would say they need to learn how to study but I already knew how.


College is nothing like high school. It will be a little intimidating first day, but don't sit in the back of the room. Sit up front and pay attention, there is a lot more note taking than your use to. Take an audio recorder, ask your professor first if you can use it but they are great for filling in what you didn't catch the first time. Don't take classes late at night, early morning, on Saturday's or online if you can help it we don't do well in those classes! You don't want to take Business or Accounting it's extremely boring to us! Criminal Justice is the field we love so jump in. Even though we have a 1yr old don't wait 10 years, go now you can do it! He deserves better than what he got from me waiting. Have fun with it, it's the most challenging thing but the most rewarding thing I've done besides raise Aaron. Oh and get your books online they are soooooo much cheaper! Study hard because it's not easy. Also, we have ADD so get on meds ASAP! GOOD LUCK!


If I could go back in time as a high school senior, I would have given myself a pat on the back because I am glad that I signed up for the College that I am currently attending. I would have given myself advice about what classes to take as well. Luckily, I took the right classes even though I had no idea what was going on. I am the first person in my family that is going to get a college degree, so my education is very precious to me. I would have told myself to try as hard as I can in every possible subject until I finish my General Education. I started my freshman year in college with a desire to learn, so I know that my college experience will be exceptional. Last but not least, I would have told myself to enjoy my college experience, and make the most of it.


College is a whole new world, we can make the decision to put forth the effort to get the best education possible, or we can mess around and screw up the rest of our lives. Going to college isn't just for fun, it is a hard process to go through, make this choice count because another may never come again. Study hard, play light, and do the best that you can. Make this time count because there are no redo's in getting a good education. Life will pass you by and before you know it, you are working in a low wage job because you chose to play hard and study light. Life only happens once make every choice count for something and every accomplishment a priority.


Take this more seriously!! This is an opportunity for you to get your degree. Don't let the obstacles interfere with your goal! Use them as learning experiences and let them help you grow as a person. But whatever you do, stay focused on your goal! You can do this!! Now, go get your degree, become a productive member of society. Everything will fall into place!!


From college, I've got direction and purpose in my life. After waiting ten years to attend college, I've went from being in the bottom ten percent in high school to being within the top ten percent in college. College has provided many other benefits such as finding Christ and coming to terms with my HIV diagnosis. I've also found Christ, by creating meaningful relationships with other students, which has given me a purpose for my life. I plan to continue onto law school after graduation and then using my degree to pursue a career with the International Justice Mission in Washington DC. The major benefit of college is meeting people from a variety of backgrounds. Before college, I felt that I had to hide my HIV diagnosis, but through college I've found friends that are accepting and encouraging me to continue living my life to the fullest and not given up on my dreams. I never anticipated the benefits college would have. I’ve expanded my knowledge base while expanding my area of influence. College has provided me to be a leader/member in several campus and community organizations. And a role- model to others.


My college experience started twent-one years ago in 1990. I had no clue what my goals were nor did I know how to acheive those goals had I been able to envision them. At the first two colleges I attended, I made life-long friends and did a lot of social networking long before the social network was online. I wouldn't say I wasted the first few years, but I would say I could have been a lot more academically productive. Now that I am enrolled full-time at Kent State University, I have commited myself to academic excellence. I have maintained a grade point average that I can be proud of. I finally understand what it is to feel accomplished in educational pursuits. Now, I have found that my focus on getting good grades is my prime interest. What I have gotten out of my entire college experience is a well-rounded education. It may have taken me two decades to nderstand the importance of a good education, but I feel confident that my return to college has been the single most important decision of my life.


My college experience has been a wonderful challenge. My classes are intriguing and learning new things is what makes me a better student and a better human being. I am gaining the sense of accomplishment, which is very important to me and my family. My goals are to obtain my Associate's Degree in Nursing and then go on to complete my Bachelor and Master's degrees. So attending college is very valuable because it enhances my life and makes it possible to complete my goals for the future.


My experience so far has been a challenge, but it has been a wonderful experience. It is valuable to me because I have wanted to be a RN nurse for about 14 years ,now I'm finally getting the chance but don't have the money to pay for my fall semester 2010


With change comes doubt and uncertainty and if I could go back in time I would desperately tell myself what a mistake it would be for me to enroll at the branch university instead of going away to school right after graduation. I was told this school was a great place to get an education: it was close to home and it was more affordable than other four year schools. But after starting there I can see how mistaken I was. When I was in high school I was in National Honor Society and graduated at the top of my class, so I've always anticipated a good challenge, but here I get nothing. I sit through painfully easy classes that I can pass without worry and I learn things I already know, making me feel like I'm not actually receiving an education. Now I embarrassingly think back to my dream of graduating from a respectable school and attaining a job where I can support myself single handedly, now realizing that if I stay here there is no way I will ever be able to compete against higher institution graduates in the job market.


If I could go back to my senior year and talk to myself I would stress not being in a hurry to grow up. Take each day as a gift and enjoy it. Not to be in a hurry to get married and have kids. Travel, go to college, and do everything possible to save money. I would also give myself the winning lottey numbers to last nights lottery. Apply for every scholarship available and not apply for loans. With a little work and a little thinking you can get to college without fear of being in debt for the rest of your life. I would also clue myself in on all the technology that is soon going to be available for investment purposes.


As high school students we all think we have plenty of time to further our education. We think that the time of our lives is in the present not the future. We need to remember to build a solid foundation toward our future in order to have the type of life we aspire to. We tend to put off that career and believe that once we get settled in life we will continue our education, only to find that life is ruling us. Marriage, children become our focus. We long for something that we missed as a young person., the chance to experience life as it could have been if we had only reached our goals before hand. Don't let life rule you, you rule life. Bethe best you can be and the only way to do this is to maximize your potential at an early age. Continue dreaming because the future is what you make it.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would encourage myself to go to college as soon as I graduated. Since the last two years of high school I attended vocational school I was sure that the trade that I was studying would be enough of an income to contribute to my future. I would say "Listen...being a beautician is great but you are smart enough to continue your education, and there is no need to stop here ! Your future will be much brighter if you start taking classes as soon as you graduate. There are many oppertunities for you at Kent State Tuscarawas so take the time and explore them...your future will thank you! "


You will make it, your just going to have to get your priorites straight.