Kentucky Christian University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It's a very friendly campus and you connect really well with people and create close relationships even without meaning to-from staff and faculty to classmates and passerbys. Although it's a small town and a small campus at that, it's still nice to go out with friends and find new things to do! The community is great and the campus makes you feel like it's your home!


I brag about the level of classes that I am taking and the professors. I have professors that are very intelligent but also care about the students and want us to succeed. Also, I definitely brag about the social life. I have met so many life-long friends at KCU and I know I will never forget them and the experiences I have had at KCU.


Going to school in Kentucky and more specifically at Kentucky Christian University (KCU) allows me to brag about the beautiful scenery and the true southern hospitality that comes with it. I can make truly great friends that will last my entire lifetime because of our similar interests and the positive environment created at KCU.


I tell them that it was a place where I discovered not only who I am, but who God wanted me to become. It is also the place where I made memories with friends that last beyond life!