Kentucky Christian University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think that the worst thing about the school is that so many people go home on the weekends. I would like to see more people stay on campus on the weekends. And i would also like to see more activities going on at the school to make people want to stay on campus during the weekends instead of going home.


The only disadvantage to this school is that it is far away from any large cities. It is in a very small community so it can be hard to find outside activities to participate in.


The area in which it is located. It is in a very small town that is anywhere from 25-60 minutes away from anything like wal-mart, nice restaurants, or malls. It really is no fun to have put as many miles on my car as I have just to have fun. You would think someone would get smart and put in a starbucks, and a walmart. It is a college town after all.