Kentucky Christian University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My advice to my high school self would be to pick this school again. I have no regrets about coming here. I do wish I would of applied for more scholarships because I didn't realize how expensive college really was. I would also tell myself to get involved with more things around campus and not just the sport you are playing.


I would tell myself not to worry so much. Focus on the friendships you make and build on those. Don't worry about what other people think about you. Don't worry about guys. They aren't worth your time. The people that will always be there for you are those friends you make. Invest in friendships with people who will build you up and who you can trust and depend on. Finally, enjoy it. It goes by so quickly. Take every moment and just enjoy life, your friends, and the freedom you have. You can be who you want. Also, stay strong in your faith. Lean on God and let Him guide you. He will bless you more than you can imagine.


Study and try harder, make good grades and do your best! Think about your future, and quit sleeping in class!!


Dear High School Nicolette, You do not know this yet, but you will be attending Kentucky Christian University in the fall of 2011. KCU is a great school and you are going to love it there. My first piece of advice for you is to work hard in school. The better grades you have in highschool the more chances you have to recieve an academic scholarship. Secondly, study for the ACT! You need a 21 to get into the nursing program. Without the 21 you will have to take ACT prep classes your freshman year of college. It's no fun. Trust me, I would know. My third piece of advice is to get in the habit of eating healthy and exercising before coming to college. It takes a lot of self-motivation to get up and exercise, but getting into the habit early will only help you in the long run. Good luck in college. You will do great! Love, The Furture Nicolette P.S. Don't count on any fancy home cooked meals while at school. The food is distgusting. Stock up on some of Mom's good cooking before coming to school!


SAVE YOUR MONEY! Watch where it all goes-don't spend it on useless things like cute clothes and fast food drive-thru's that send their food straight to your thighs or even blowing up 50 bucks at the Dollar Tree! Monthly payments toward your college tuition are way better and worth spending that money on! Save every single penny you can-LITERALLY. (I'm NOT flies faster than you fall asleep in Dr. Archer's biology class-trust me.) It's also not a bad idea to save as much money as you can for emergencies only. I guarantee you don't expect to get your car towed the first week of your freshman year nor have your car battery die 3 days before Christmas Break when you live siix and a half hours away from home! It's nice to know you have extra money for situations such as these and still feel at ease knowing you didn't have to use any of your "free time" money/tuition payment money. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE YOUR MONEY! Then you won't have to work two jobs AND you can have LOTS of FUN free time!! :) WOOHOO!!!


Going back in time just to talk to myself sounds like a paper I had to write for my english class, telling myself all the things I wish I had someone to tell me before going on this ride called College. I would tell myself that you need more time to perpare for what is going to come, it's nothing like High School more homework, more tests. You have to know how to work with the time that you have. Time manganet is key, you want to be the one that goes out with the friends and is out all the time but if you take more time then you have you miss the homework, the studying. I would tell myself that you are going to do great, get what you came for and the fun will fall into place. Let God take you where he wants you to go. Sit back and enjoy the ride.


Prepare to work hard and do not procastinate on your homework. Study for exams more than one day ahead of the test.


I would say to these parents/students to find a college where you enjoy the campus atmosphere. It depends on your interests-some people prefer big schools; some prefer smaller ones. You need to find the right atmosphere as well as academics. Professors that are very knowledgable and yet care about the students' success is of the utmost importance. Also, social life is very important too. You want to find a place that the students are comfortable with each other because these people become the people you spend every day with. They can either lift you up or bring you back down. To make the most of the college experience, I would say to study hard, enjoy every experience as it comes to you, and have fun. Because soon, these years will be gone and they will only be a memory. Find a college that gives you this, but also prepares you for the workforce and serving the community.


It's just as important to love your surroundings as it is to love your school. Before a student goes to school they need to think about what kind of town they want to live in; whether it's large or small, or how far away it is from home. The next thing I would suggest is to get involved right away! Try to get involved even before you get to school. Life is all about relationships. These can make or break an opportunity for a great college experience. Try to make some friends before you go to your school for classes, that way you have something to look forward to and you'll have a high level of comfort as soon as you arrive. Again, life is all about relationships. If the student makes great relationships right away the rest will fall into place.


My advice would be to choose a college that is just right for you. Don't choose a school based on people's biased opinions. Look into the school. If you play sports, than look into the sports programs. More importantly look into the academics for the major you are choosing. Meet with professors or sit in on a class to get a feel of what it would be like to be at that college.


I would tell students to look at many different colleges. You might think that the one college you have your mind set on is the one, but there are a lot of great colleges out there that might be able to fit your needs in better ways. To parents I would say encourage your children to take searching for colleges seriously. Assist them in making wise choices financially. To make the most of your college experience it is nice if you do not have to worry so much about where money for your next tuition payment will come from.


Parents- Give guidance, be supportive, but do not force the decision upon your child. Students- Go with your instincts, if you feel as though you belong when you visit a college, don't ignore that feeling. Make sure you choose a college based not only on academics or sports, but on atmosphere, social activities, and a size that meets your specific needs. There is one out there for you.


College is the life changing experience that every person needs to experience. You have to be aware of what you want before you ever start searching for the right school for you (your child). The most important thing that you can ever do is choose a college that fits your personality and your beliefs. While at that particular college, the one thing that you must remember is to become actively engaged in your campus, but retain the necessary time to put your best effort into your work. Yes, college is the prime opportunity to make the best friends you'll have for life, but it's also the platform from which you will enter the rest of your career life. The perfect blend of academia and social life is a necessity.


Make sure that the college feels right to you when you visit. Take time to hang out with the students and get a feel for student life. One of the biggest parts of college is the personal experience. Gaining life experience by socializing with people your same age who are in the same goal-oriented mind set that you are remains the most valuable aspect about college.


Know what your needs and goals are and what the school can offer you in meeting those needs & goals. Scout the different campuses and check out the classroom settings, the staff, and the faculty. Talk with other students, visit a gathering or a service to get a feel for it. Then once you find your school of choice, get involved in order to make the most out of your college experience!


It is very true what they say. "Your college experience is what you make it." My best advice to you, is to carefully consider what it is that you want to be doing for the remaining duration of your life. Make a list of schools that offer what you want to study and take time out of your busy schedule to go and visit those schools. Take a tour of the campus, sit in on a class, do a walk through of a dorm, talk with some of the professors (especially those specializing in your field of interest). All of these things will allow you to see how you would be living if you attended that institution. By visiting you will also have the opportunity to observe the surrounding area to see just what type of city the institution is located in. For some people, they have to have a big city. For others, it's not that crucial. The only way you know for sure is if you go and see for yourself.


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I would tell parents: Don't force your child into any decisions about a school just because you want them to go there. And students: classes will never be that fun, so pick a campus based on what is most important to you whether it be the atmosphere or the professors, or the facilities, and go from there. Also, don't party too much. It'll mess up your education and I promise you will regret it later.


Choosing the "right" college can be very stressful and can cause severe headaches. My advice is this: Remember what really matters. Before looking for what college to go to, start praying about the decision and about what God is leading you to do in your life. Place your trust in God and the path He is laying before you. Then, and only then, will choosing a college become a truly satisfactory experience. Find the college that fits you best academically, spiritually, and socially. Some students fit at Harvard, others at Princeton, others at Yale. All three are excellent colleges, but each one has its own atmosphere. Take college visits, go to classes, stay in the dorm for a night. Find the right atmosphere that also has your desired program, and go for it! The phrase that can best sum it all up is this: Let Go and Let God