Kentucky State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


its great study programs and sports frankfort ky is the capital of kentucky and also a small town


Not sure... First semester here.


my school is best known for their band, and performing arts


The aquaculture program but for some a party school


Kentucky State University is a historically black college, and most of the students who attend are black.


Kentucky State University is known for being a land grant institution.


School Spirit, Fraternities and Sororities. In the work feild, the school is known for over preparing students for their jobs. Also, better known for our research facilities and early childhood education program.


Kentucky State University is a black liberal arts college. It is one of the countries historical black colleges. The school has a great marching band that has won many championship and best band titles. The school offers many different programs and extra-curricular activities. Kentucky State University has an excellent mentoring program. This program provides help and encouragment to students who have a parent that is incarcerated. These children all attend schools around the metro area. College students spend so many hours with these youth. The students may take the children on outings, to school functions, help with homework, etc.


K-State is probably best known for the band! They are awesome!


My school is beat known for it's band. Our band is very good . We are also known for our good nursing program.


KSU is probably best known for their band. We have an awesome band that keeps everyone excited during football and basketball season!


Kentucky Stare is best known for being the first African American College in the state of Kentucky. What an accoplishment that must of been. Kentucky State is now a diverse University. People from all over the United States and beyond are pround to call Kentucky State University thier Alma Mater


KSU is a school that is known for many things. I came to KSU because it was a great opportunity for me to follow my dreams of becoming a nurse. Ever since I started thinking about college, I have heard KSU had an excellent nursing program.


My school is best known for it's cultural values. Being one of the most historically known African-American univeristies in the country, it's values are still solely based on so. Also for the diversity as far as ethnicity. From the staff to the students, it's a pleasure to be exposed to different ethnic types and not confined to not so diverse college community.


Kentucky State Universtiy is a school for educated African Americans who want to learn and better themselves. My school is also known for the awesome band we have and the good sportsman ship and attitude we put forth.


Our school is best known in the community for its agricultural department . Amongst the students, the highlight of campus is the marching band at the football games and the pep band at the basketball games.


K-State is a Historically Black University.


Being an HBCU.




It's band, education program and nursing program.

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