Kentucky State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Class expetations


The campus is very diverse. There are a lot of interesting people and the class sizes are small so you get to know everyone and your instructers very well.


I tell my friends that on weekend night everybody meets at the flagpole so we can play a campus wide game of hide-n-seek

some country don't have to worry about friend relationship ...that 's ok


The passion, concern, and willingness of the instuctors to help with your success. The smallness of the classes. I have alread received one degree from this school and I am working on my second. My decision to return was an easy one to make.


my family because i love them soooo much and how i want to achieve sooo much and becaome a social work to help different people.


When i talk to my friends i mostly brag about the fun i have and all of our school spirit. We alo have a great band who has been to the Honda Battle of the Bands.


That it is a HBCU. Aslo that it smaller that other school and that a person is just not a number teacher and staff know your name.


The 5year master degree program for the business majors. It allows business majors to follow a schedule and receive there master degree in five years.


I like the Student Life Department because they have awesome events and really host activites the student body really enjoys.


i brag about the school itself. I tell them ts in a small country place so you have to make yourself have fun and you meet new people and friends


I brag about how fun my friends are, that I met from this school.


The whole environment and setting at KSU is just a wonderful experience in itself. It would be difficult to say what I brag on the most as there are so many wonderful things. I love our band, they are great and really get the crowds going at games and parades but I also find myself bragging about how excellent most of the staff is. They will go out of their way to help you if you just make the effort to try to help yourself. There are many more reasons why KSU is great but I'm out of room.


That is a historically black university but has a diverse student body.


I tell them that Kentucky State University has a lot of activities to get involved in and that it is almost impossible to be bored.


I usually tell my friends that we have academics with attitude which is our motto.


I brag about the small class size and how the teachers really ant you to suceed.


I brag about this being an accredited HBCU. The professors are one on one with you and they take their time to teach you the material so that you understand it.


I brag about the things I've learned in class. Although this may not be the number one contender or most notable topic to brag about a school, I enjoy bragging about topics and other things I've learned that my friends and family may not know about, at the same time gaining a sense of pride.


I brag the most about the instructors I have had. Their eagerness to assit you with obtaining a degree don't go unnoticed. The school spirit is very much noticed on campus aswell!


The band. I love our school's marching band.




Kentucky State University has the best professors. They all care and make sure you understand the material that they are teaching. I love the small classroom size (1 to 20). It feels like one on one time with the professor. One on one time with a professor, is worth the tution I am paying to go to Kentucky State Univeristy.


The small class sizes provide a friendly, personal learning experience.


Sports and academics


it has small class sizes , and everyone is extremely friendly

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