Kentucky State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who wants to learn agriculture and or run a farm.


Reasons for people to attend Kentucky State university are enormous and depend on one’s attitudes. But the important reason that stood out to me was because Kentucky State university their future are job opportunities, increased knowledge andessential skills preparation for future life.


Anyone wanting to be successful should attened Kentucky State University.


KYSU does not discrimminate. If you love diversity, social gatherings, and being involed and while being able to stay focused, Kentucky State University is the place for you!


This school is very focused on the non-traditional adult learner. Anyone with a passion to learn should attend this school regardless of your ethnic or religious background.


The type of person that I think will succeed at this school, is a person who has their goals set or have a general idea of what they want to become. They have to be sure of themselves. They have to be able to be friendly and outgoing.


Some who is dedicated and focused and ready for a college degree


I think anyone can attend this school. They have programs that will help and inspire everyone to become successful.


Anyone looking for helpful professors and a very good education


Kentucky State University is for a student who wants to attend a smaller school environment and be able to have a personal relationship with their teachers. Not only will they be able to have a one on one relationship with their teachers but meet people from all around the world and broaden their horizons.


Someone who is dedicated to their education but, at the same time likes to have fun.


I believe that a goal orienated person should attend this school. If your genuinly interested in your future you should apply to enroll. A person who expects the unexpected and someone who isnt use to being around so many different types of people, because it broadens your horizons.


A person who wants to be part of a small community and learn in classes with less people and one who will pursue their goals until they are acccomplished.


You should attend Kentucky State if you are an accepting and open-minded person with a democratic political affiliation. If you are interested in getting an excellent liberal arts education, you will get it at this college. Kentucky State also houses the Whitney Young Honors' Programs for those students who are sick of high school, but who still have a passion for knowledge and for the betterment of their lives.


A self-starter, motivated and determined student that knows exactly what they want and are determined to get there by any means necessary!


K-State is what you make it, I think a person who is out-going, confident and creative should enjoy their time here. I'm not limiting the criteria, everyone should come here. There is something for everyone!


A person who is dedicated to academia. Even though this is a college that really lends itself to students' individuality, it's not a school that lets you coast through your program. You have to work - and that's what makes it a great college.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who is ready to be who they are, and want to succeed in whatever they are trying to accomplish. This school has hard workers and dedicated students who are trying to reach their maximum potiential to move to the next level.


I attend Kentucky State University which is and HBCU. But the admission is open to everyone. If your are looking for a small environment then Kentucky State University is the place for them. My school is like a big family, its a home away from home.


I believe that anyone who is ready to expand on their life in the aspect of wanted to retain knowledge. This is a very diverse university, and anyone who attends will learn various things about different cultures.


The type of person that should attend Kentucky State University is a strong person that can lead. Somebody that knows when to have fun and to stay focused when needed.


A person who prefers small class sizes and needs a break from the "big city" atmosphere. Also, a person who needs to focus more on academics, as opposed to a vibrant social life, with nothing more.




A confident person who enjoys socializing but can still manage their time to do their work.


A person who is strong willed and is focused on the importance of their education.


An open-minded person, that wants to become more self aware, resposible, and self relieable.


People who afraid to get lost in the crowd or like small classes.


some one withsom money


All people can attend

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