Kentucky State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I person who has set goals for he or she self. You should love school and meeting new people from around the world,and don't be so judgemental toward people.Cause college is setting life in success story for and college's need your support in order to let your sucesse come to true light. I feel you should be more determine then a average person and be smart about her success. life is not fair, but you have to keep it moving in move pass through obstacle's .


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Anybody who requires a great deal of night life, culture, and "big city" attractions.


Someone that doesn't like school work.


Someone who is expecting a lot of help from financial aid and expects clear answers. It's very hard to get answers from financial aid and other faculty.


A person who thinks they can come here and slack. A person who expects everything that is shown on the movies of the college life. Also a person who thinks that just because the campus is small, that the heart is not big enough, because this campus is a family with a big heart full of green and gold spirit.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who becomes stressed easily over things being out of order. Everyone knows the school is in a way known for it's incapabilties of processing paperwork on time. I also think someone who does not play sports should not attend because outside of sports this campus seems to put alot of extra time on your hands and it tends to get boring.


Someone who likes to Party.


The kind of person that shoud attend Kentucky State is a determined person. My school is a small school and is a good place for students to go who want to be in smaller classes where the instructors can give more individual help. people who go here should want to be somewhere that their instructors are not only here to do their own jobs but to help you become a better person. People that go here are the kinds of people that need an extra push and someone to turn to that are willing and ready to help.


I believe that anyone who wants to attend this college should, Kentucky State was the first African American college in Kentucky. This was at a time when many young African Americans could not attend Universities because of the color of thier skin. A person that does not respcect all people black, white, yelllow,red should not go because we are all treated the same no matter what the color of our skin, who we worship, or who we love.


Anybody wanting to recieve an excellent chance to recieve a higer education to help them better themseleves in the future should Attend Kentucky State Universeity.


Anyone should attend this school, because they are very accepting no matter who you are.


A focused person should attend this school also someone who wants to be at a small college.


A person that is not open minded, negative to the rich history this school has. Someone who has nothing to offer or better the univeristy. Someone who does not like a small school, small classroom setting. Some one that is not comfortable being at an all black institution.


If you do not like small colleges then you shouldnt come to Kentucky State University. But other than that i wouldnt say nobody shouldnt come to my school. I really think everyone should and try to at least get the exsperience.


I think a person who isnt open minded and someone who doesnt want to learn shouldn't attend this school.


If you don't like a small campus or town then this wouldn't be a good school for you. Also if your really not ready to be in a college setting take your time and figure out what school is for you before you decide to come.


A person shouldn't attend this school if they are not really social.


a person whom is not interested in being school spirited at all times. A specific individual whom is uncomfortable with african americans as well as foriegn students. A person who does not plan on becomming a buisness or music major.


There is no certain kind of person that shouldn't attend this school. Choosing this school is a personal choice that you have to make, based on the size of the school and the things that the school offers. Although this wasnt my first choice I am very pleased with the choice I have made and wouldnt change it if I could.


Someone that feels like the world revolves around them and they think that they are untouchable.


A person that is not a leader, it's easy to be lead astray if you don't make sound choices.


A kind of person that shouldn't attend this school, is someone who doesnt like a small school enviroment. Also someone who isn't very socialable to others.


if you are the type of person that likes to party all of the time, then you shouldn't attend my school.


Someone thats not willing to work hard and that has a negative attitude. Also someone who's purpose is just to party.

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