Kentucky State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


How rural the area is




I wish that i wouldve knon that College is much more than just going to class, parties and hangingith friends. There are many more responsibilities in College than mos know, theres taking care of your financial needs, planning for future courses and joining and partaking in lots of school activities and groups.


I had been out of school for a long time when I decided to come to KSU and I can't really say that there is anything I wish I had known before comming. It took some time to adjust to everything but I am so glad I am here getting a degree. Different teachers have different expectations so that is really the only thing that is taking some getting use to.


I wish I had known that it sometimes has a tendancy to be slightly unorganized.


I wish I would have known that the dorms had community bathrooms.


I wish I would've known about the statics of those who are enrolled in the school. When getting to school I found out a lot of the freshmen had to take classes in the OEP/AWA program, and those classes do not transfer.


One thing that I wish i had known before attending ksu would be the fact that there is not much to do in Kentucky.


I wish I would had known that finicial aid and bursar we as unorganized as they are.


I would have liked to have known to find out what books it was that I would need for my classes then see if I could find them from another student or online somewhere where the prices would be lower. Buying your textbooks from the college bookstore can be very expensive at times and you often don't get your money's worth back when you sell the textbook back to the college, that is if they even buy the textbook back from you. Definitely shope around for textbooks online and at other stores, or ask other students.


the true meaning of study time.


I wish I would have known the lack of student body involvement. Most people don't participate in school activities or with supporting their peer iin their events like i expected. I wish I would have known all the rules there would be for numerous things. For instance, no scarves in the work out room or anywhere else on campus, no coming out of your dorm hall with pajamas on, your company no matter what sex has to be out of your room by a curfew.


Nothing, what I brought to the university, and learn while I was here was all that was needed. To come in with a mind of knowing to much or thinking I knew it all would have never allowed me to learn all that I did.


I would have liked to have known how unorganized the financial aide system is.


That the price was so high, no scholarship oppurtuinties, and the horrible living conditions.


How bad the organization from financial aid was and, how much of a run around it is to do anything on this campus




I wish I would have known that it cost so much for out of state students.


I wish I would have known how to get around better when I first started. A good idea would to be have people assigned the first week on campus, maybe wearing a certain shirt, that way you know to approach them for help finding your classses.


propably the type of individuals and where the majority of them are from: michigan, ohio, etc... The size of the campus as well as the student envolvment being involved with one-another.


What I wish I had known before I came to Kentucky State University was to know how I was going to pay for my balance. My balance was a huge number, but instead of me worrying. I went the Busar's Office and signed up for a payment plan. Eventually, I paid every month until I reached the average on my balance. I also wish I had known a major before I came to Kentucky State University. I was clueless, I didn't know what I wanted to major in until the middle of the semester. It was very hard.


What I wish I would have known before coming to this school, is the fact that the office of financial aid are not as healpful as they could be in assisting students with their money issues. Another thing I wish I would have known is more about the biology department and the fact that not all classes are offered every semester.


missing a week in college is equal to a month in high school, so go to class no matter what.


If they would really help me find a job after I graduated.


Do not be shy talking to professors if you are struggling in a class; most of them are eager to help students because they want to see you succeed. And also, seek out tutors in the tutoring lab to help you if you are struggling academically.

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