Kenyon College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My schools i best known for two things. It has an amazing English department and the swim team has won over 35 national championships.


A small, liberal arts college with an excellent English and Fine Arts department. The campus is beautiful and cosy in winter. Wonderful sense of community. Most students are involved in the campus programs, groups and activities.


First-Year Sing. At the end of Orientation, they line all the first-year students up on the steps of Rosse Hall and they sing the four Kenyon songs, which they have been practicing, while the upperclassmen make as much noise as possible via shouting, obscure brass instruments, etc. It's a humorous, lighthearted, and only slightly disconcerting rite of passage experience to open up the Kenyon community to the next graduating class.


My school is most known for it's professors; read above.


Kenyon is best known for it's English Department and the Kenyon Review. Most people have never heard of the school, but those who have respect the college's rigorous academics.


Swimming, English, Paul Newman, Bill Watterson, the Amish, Old Kenyon


Kenyon College is known for being a small, intimate learning community. Classes are small, professors and peers are intelligent, and discussions are interesting. There is very little anonymity on Kenyon's small campus; students must allow extra travel time to get to class, because they never know who they might meet on the way! The social scene at Kenyon is atypical, and students must find their own fun in some ways. However, it is generally easy to find a solid group of friends who share your interests and priorities.


One of four songs sung during Senior Sing, an end-of-year Kenyon tradition.