Kenyon College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That we are smart, interested in learning and quirky enough that we don't mind going off to college in the middle of nowhere in Gambier, Ohio.


They're hipsters/cerebral/outdoorsy.


I have heard several stereotypes mentioned, most of them apply to all "private liberal artsy" colleges. That people there are all rich and preppy, that a lot of people are only accepted because they are generation students or because their families donate a lot, that there is a lot of drug usage, that people drink a lot, that people don't study, that people study too much, that there is not a lot of diversity, that it is a "New IVY" and has a huge swollen head about it.


it's hard to stereotype because the campus is so diverse (in terms of personalities, not race). At my previous college (Reed in Portland OR) the student body was so homogeneous that the term "reedie" had a specific meaning, whereas at Kenyon there is nothing like "kenyonite" because the term would make no sense when there is no prototypical kenyon personality traits.


Kenyon is one of if not the most beautiful campus anywhere, on a sunny spring day. The faculty is brilliant and are eager to work with and help students on anything. The current dean of students (Tammy Goscial) is a total b****. She doesn't seem to be in tune with the students at all. Everyone is very friendly and smart. There is almost no exclusivity. There is a stereotype that Kenyon girls are ugly and that the people can be sort of quirky.


That Kenyon is a very politically active campus.


-Very liberal, but not as liberal as Oberlin students -snotty rich kids -uniformed, we live in a bubble -very intellectual sometimes to an obnoxious degree -drink a lot


Those stereotypes seem to be in the middle of an evolution of sorts. There seems to be this nostalgic notion of the Kenyon that was, the quirky but smart, rich but modest, fun as hell but studious and passionate - replaced by smart, wealthy, immodest, workhardplayhard jerks of today's hyper-competitive college admissions atmosphere.


I think the ridiculously high tuition at Kenyon College leads to the conception that Kenyon students have feelings of entitlement; our pretty, secluded campus does spoil us quite a bit. And of course the majority of us are Obama-supporting left-leaners, which I think is par for the course at a small liberal arts college.


Intellects, Hippies, Preppy Kids, Smart Kids, Fuck-Ups


I heard that Kenyon students were the nicest, most friendly people around. At first I thought to myself, "That can't be true," but I got here and it really was.


People often think that Kenyon isn't a very diverse place. However, I believe that diversity shouldn't just be measured by skin color; it should be measured by political inclinations, favorite activities, academic interests, and other areas.


One stereotype is that we "party" like crazy!!!!


When one thinks of Kenyon, one might think of a bunch of English majors with Mid-West manners guzzling beer on the weekends, fraternities and ( of late) sororities, kids that talk about school outside of school, perferably sitting on the lawn( that is, when its nice out), cornfields and the Amish(!), Ohio ( insert your own sterotypes here lol), the middle of nowhere, and since im from L.A, bad bad weather....bad!!!


That they are uptight and too good for the local people to interact with.


-Kenyon students are privileged and sheltered -Kenyon is laid-back and hippie-ish: you will be shunned if you talk on a cell phone on Middle Path


When people see that Kenyon is in Gambier, Ohio, a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, they often assume two things: there must be nothing to do there and I bet that they're bunch of hippies. Who else would live in a rural Ohio village with fields of corn surrounding the two roads into town where the college is known for its English program? It must be a bunch of hippies who just smoke a lot of pot. And if these people are interested enough to visit the campus, they'll see that not only are there people tight-roping between the statues outside of Rosse hall and lounging on the abundant green lawns, there are a lot of people in pastel khaki shorts and popped Polo shirts. Hippies AND prepsters? Kenyon must be really weird.


That we are liberal hippies living in the middle of nowhere. Also, Kenyon has a reputation for its amazing English program and therefore everyone here is a humanities person not into the sciences.


Kenyon is a liberal school in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. This leads to a great sense of community among all students--who are thought of as neo-hippies.


That we're all rich.


I don't know of any.


the students are funky, its in the middle of nowhere, there is nothing to do but study and drink


Everyone is friendly.


All of them are English majors. English is by far the best department


One stereotype is that all the student are privileged, selfish brats.


Kenyon is perceived to be a writers' school, a friendly, family-like community, and an isolated environment (going to school in the corn fields of Amish country). It's not seen as being very diverse.


Kenyon students are rich, politically left-leaning, artsy, English majors from the east coast.


Extremely literate, with a passion for poetry and writing, and not much more than that.


That we are very disconnected from events happening in the world.


Granola/hippies who are smart but like to sound smarter by philosophizing, but also participate in the Friday Drinking Club or smoke weed




Rich or at least upper-middle class, sheltered students; Liberal beehive :)


Students are stoners (not really true, I mean people smoke pot at every college, as do I, but not unnaturally cluttered with "stoners"); great English program (not a lie; most teachers are beautiful people); now top 10 Most Expensive College in America (definitely not a lie)


Kenyon students are monied, thoughtful, intelligent and unattractive


intellectual, non-competitive, accepting small school with a community feel


There are two predominant Kenyon stereotypes: the hippie and the little rich kid. The hippie is the kid you see walking around with long, uncombed hair, Birkenstocks, ratty pants and a wrinkled t-shirt. The little rich kid is well groomed, has a popped Polo shirt, pastel khaki shorts and coiffed hair. The hippie walks everywhere, the rich kid has a Hummer. One carries a frisbee and the other spend his time at the KAC pumping up.


I am not sure - one of the interesting things about Kenyon is that it's got a really mixed student body in terms of traditional stereotypes. It has its fair share of jocks, preppy kids, hippies, emo kids, etc. It's probably not considered a fun school.


Generally, Kenyon is stereotyped as a generic Mid-West school that lacks character and prestige. The students here are usually portrayed as white, members of the middle and upper classes, and vote a straight Democratic ticket.


The stereotypes about Kenyon and its students are that everyone is from New England boarding schools, have a lot of money, act artsy and intellectual even though they probably are not, and dress like hobos (who have money to back it up). There's also a lot of elitist people here who think they're all that because they go to Kenyon and they look down on anybody who does not fit that mentality.


We're known for being liberal, snobby, supportive, awkward, and smart.


I think there's a bit of a "preppy rich kid" stereotype, but also that we're very smart, to the extent of being nerdy and esoteric. We're also sort of a milder version of Oberlin students.


There is an assumption that Kenyon students range from being very nerdy kids to almost hippy activists.


A big one is that Kenyon is boring or lame or not special because it's in Ohio.


Not many people of heard of Kenyon, so there aren't too many stereotypes. People used to think Kenyon was a bunch of hippies, and it was, but not anymore.


Kenyon tends to carry the stereotype of being a place for rich preppy New Englanders.


I suppose some people might think there are loads of trust-fund hippies at Kenyon. And sometimes the English majors are stereo-typed as being a bit full of themselves because our English program is quite famous. However, for the most part, I think Kenyon students are stereo-typed as being enthusiastic about learning and generally disdainful of discussing grades and marks.


Outside of our circle of elite/semi-elite liberal arts colleges, I don't think there is any. Nobody's heard of us. Inside it, we like to characterize ourselves as quirky friendly community-oriented intellectuals.


Kenyon students are typically termed a little quirky, a little goofy and a lot talented.


Because of its location, Kenyon is often seen as a step up from a farming school. Surrounded by pastures and fields, many people assume that Kenyon is a rural, Amish buggy sort of place. As for the students, they're seen as either hippie ultra-liberals or over-privileged, self-entitled rich kids with no appreciation for what's been given them.


Nerds, great swimmers, great writers.