Kenyon College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


intelligent, emotionally aware, quirky, outgoing, at least semi-artistic, open-minded, liberal


An Ecclectic person. You have to be diverse in your likes and ideas.


Someone who enjoys going to class and interacting with their peers. Kenyon is a very intimate, close-knit community and so you really can't be a stranger. Kenyon students also like to get involved in many extracurricular activities, so creative minds are important for making your mark on campus.


People who like learning.


Someone who would enjoy living in a village, watching the Amish pass by in the morning, or saying hello to the local woman who makes scarves. A laid-back personality and good sense of humor is probably most common here, and many people have a deep appreciation of the arts (dramatic, music, or drawing). In general, we all like to curl up in one of the gothic buildings on campus with a steaming cup of tea, and a good book (for class or otherwise). Must love the outdoors!!