Kenyon College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Kenyon College?


The most frustrating thing about Kenyon is that although its English department is prestigious and well established, it is not modest. Many of the professors make it seem that students should be honored to be in their classes and at times give no sympathy. It is almost like an exclusive club with a very low acceptance rate. Although many professors are very supportive, it only takes a few professors and English majors alike who are too hoity toity to make it a rather hostile environment when it should be welcoming and nurturing at such a small liberal arts school.


When it comes to tolerance, Kenyon is all talk. Theoretically, it's cool to discuss different ways of thinking--as long as you can back it up with the name of a prestigious philosopher. You can even make some intellectually outgoing statements--as long as popular opinion supports you. But when it counts, students don't want to view other ideas or lifestyles with anything resembling open-mindedness. There's a tendency to over-intellectualize in compensation for the inability to understand differences without judging. If you do something truly controversial, prepare to be the character-assassination of the week.


I feel I am not on the same level acdemically as most of my classmates. I also feel that my grades do not truly reflect my knowledge, which maybe leads to why I feel I am out of my league.


Food ! It's aweful.