Kettering University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for the cooperative job opportunity. Almost all the students that network and keep an active relationship with upper-classmen and alumni have a great future in the work force. This is the reason I like, and attend this school, it offers opportunity and experiene to students before they get into to their field of study.


My current school is best known for one of the top two Mechanical Engineering schools in the country. Kettering University is also best known for the co-op program, which allows students to work in their field of study through an employer currently partnered with Kettering.


Kettering is best known for engineering. It has always been an engineering school and a well respected one at that. The classes and course load are challenging, requiring diligent study to succeed. Because of this, a Kettering degree carries more than a little bit of prestige. Class sizes are quite small as compared to most colleges, with a large class consisting of about forty students, allowing for a greater amount of student-teacher time.


My school is best known for it's co-op experience. Students go to school for three months then work in their field for three months and so on. It is a great way to get experience and puts us ahead of the game.


Kettering is best known for its co-op program. Students who attend this school are career driven and success oriented. Real worl work experience is preached at Kettering and the courses and degree programs are aligned with this philosophy.


Mandatory Co-op program


Co-op, work p lacement, experience to enforce education.


Co-op experience in the indusry the whole time you are there.


Co-op program.


Our school is best known for Engineering.


It Cooperative Education program