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The co-op program is offered year round and I feel like I am very involved at my current position. The seperate sections of school do not meet at the same time as it is on an alternating quarterly system.


Kettering University emphasizes experiental learning programs via a required Co-op program for all students. Students at Kettering participate in a year round school-work schedule. You work for three months and then go to school for three months. Kettering also offers very strong lab based experiences for its strong cadre of engineering and science based degrees.


It's small. I graduated from a high school class of 17 people, so large Universities can be very intimidating. I prefer the smaller class sizes and the ability to work one on one with peers and professors much more easily. Likewise, compus resources are much more accessable at a smaller university. Similarly, we have a co-op program that allows me and my fellow students to go to school for 11 weeks, work for 11-12 weeks, go back to school for 11 weeks, and then work again. This 3 month rotaction allows for on-the-job experience.


The co-op education program is very unique to Kettering in particular. Co-op employment is required for credit at Kettering, so students must actively participate in the job search process to find an employer. At a co-op, students gain the opportunity to learn real world applications of topics they've covered in the classroom. It combines practicality with theory, and is a very beneficial and unique learning experience.


Co-op education was great.


The excellent co-op program is the thing that sets us apart.


The ability to work while in school is key to Ketterings success and my success. Having the knowledge that I will gain through the years being in the workplace and the classroom will put me greatly ahead of the game and make employers come for me and not have me go to them.


Kettering requires at least five co-op terms of 3 months each to graduate. This means that in between each semester, we work in full-time engineering or science jobs. In class, we discuss problems in books and the professors are often able to ask a student how the problem really works because that student is employed by a company that develops the technology in the handbook. In addition, our classes are fast paced, small, and our professors are really accessible and know most students by name.


The co-op program.


Co-op work terms. Every three months we change from work to school. It gives us hands on experience of the work force. Small classrooms allow for an easier learning experience for me.


The Co-Op program offered at Kettering is different than what any school in the nation has to offer.


The Co-op program is one of the best.


no time


The Co-op at our school is one of the most unique in the country. This is what established Kettering for what it is today. The fact the students have the ability to get jobs in their freshman year and stay with a company of their choosing and do a giant project for them in the end that greatly benefits the school and the company is a great opportunity for the students here because all that work they do gives them expereince for when they finally graduate and go to grad school or in their career.


Kettering University has the co-op experience integrated into its academic schedule. This helps with the cost of school and gives you 2 and a half years of experience in your field before you graduate.