Kettering University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is career and research oriented and interested primarily in the automotive industry. The co-op program is a great hands on opportunity. Mechanical and Electrical Engineering are this school's strong point.


Only the elite of their class. Fast paced hard workers.


The kind of person that should attend this school would be someone who is very determined and driven to succeed.


This is a school for intelligent, driven students who are seeking a truely professional environment. Kettering University has a mandatory co-op program in which students must be seriously competitive when it comes to landing that perfect job. Students here are innovative, daring, and eager to come out on top in every aspect of their education here. If you are a student searching for a school that gives you a head start above the rest, Kettering University may be the school for you.


A very inventive person who is not afraid of doing the hard work to get them places, and a career-oriented person. You will get dropped into your career immediately, but you graduate with around 2 years experience.


motivated, hard working, interested in engineering, math, or science, research, and getting career work experience


From my personal experience Kettering University is designed for anyone who is hardworking, determined, serious and devoted. Because of the way the semesters are setup, Kettering students do the same amount of work as other schools in half the time. Our semesters are rotational between academic and co-operative education terms. That being said, everything you do here has to be taken seriously. Contrary to popular opinion, you do not have to necessarily be "smart" to be successful here at Kettering. The sheer drive to want to succeed has proven for me to be the greatest attribute to have.


Anyone that is open to diversity and excellent academic achievement should attend this school. There are a number of resources to help the student body as well as other events and activites that make student life more exciting. So if you are outgoing, earger to learn, and enjoy socializing I believe that this school is for you.


Someone who LOVES math and science!


Over-analytic Engineering type. Think Dilbert.


Intelegent and dilignet students who are ready to work hard.


goal oriented, smart, enjoys math and sceince, those who want to be engineers, computer programmers, business leaders.


A focused Student that has high expectations, good study habits, well oriented. A student that knows where and how he/she will achieve their long terms goals. A student that is personally responisble, ready for the school and work industry. Especially a student that is serious about their education.


A driven student who cares about their future over their social life. Have years of real on the job experience while earning a salary. Only be ready to have little to no female interaction and turn to alcohol to make it through not only the weekends, but the school week.




It takes a motivated and time oriented individual to strive at this institution. You must be focused and determined to do well and to study. If you are willing to put in the effort it will pay off in the long run.


Students that plan on attending this school should be very good at math and want a Engineering major.


A career-oriented student who wants a fast track to the real world. A student who is looking for a good balance of academics and co-op/internships. A student who is looking for a small, friendly science/math school with small class sizes and professors who are always available.


People who are willing to work hard, sacrifice friendships, and the potential for sexual relationshps. The male to female ratio of this college is so far to the male side it can be stressful. Athough the co-op experience does put individuals ahead of other graduates in terms of experience and the possibility of already having a job upon graduation.


An Engineering major looking ot get ahead and for guarenteed job security