Kettering University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who manages time poorly.


One who dislikes a small campus with not too many students. Someone who wants to get into nursing or cosmetology or the like.


Someone who procrastinates. The school term is fast paced, only lasting 11 weeks instead of the usual 15-16 weeks per term. A student needs to be motivated to succeed and prepared to work hard. It's not easy, but it is very rewarding.


The school that I attend is very diverse with people form all over the world, so to ask what type of person shouldn't attend this school seems odd. I do not think that anyone should be excluded from the school that they would like to attend. However, if you are looking for a 4-year degree one may need to choose another university. Although a community college is but a stepping stone to get you to the point of obtaining you degree as most undergraduate classes will transfer.


People who are weak in maths and sciences should not come here. Also people who need a longer time to do things since our terms are 11 weeks long.


Liberals, artistic, creative people. This school is all about becoming a worker drone for an company that has something to do with math and science.


Any one who is not interested in Engineering. Kettering is an Engineering school, plain and simple, with most students being ME, IE, EE, but there are great computer program and applied sciences programs.


One very focused on school work and interested in Engineering and Science based classes.


People looking to have the normal rounded college experience should not attend this school because the cirriculum is stripped down to engineering courses only, the population is mostly white and is extremely small (less than 1000 students per section), and Flint is not a nice area to attend school in; also people who do not want to work too hard, because the required co-op terms mean that the normal 14 week college semester is squeezed into a highly accelerated 10 week semester and you are required to carry 16 credits per term or do not qualify for financial aid.


non career driven


Anyone who does not have the drive to succeed on their own or wants consant encouragment from someone else. Also stay away if you not open to trying new things. The schools mandatory co-op is worthless if your not going to step out of your comfort zone at least a little bit.


Someone who wants a college experience with sports. We do not have any kind of varisty athletics at Kettering.