Kettering University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing is moving frequently in order to get the valuable work experience, however it helps the time pass more quickly.


The undergraduate programs at Kettering University are all four and a half to five years long, rather than the typical four year Bachelor's degree from other schools.


The elitist attitude of some of the students and faculty at the school.


Freshman classes are too easy and you don't learn enough new things.


Very restrictive curriculum, not many choises for electives. No languages offered.


The most frustrating thing about Kettering University is the constant pressure due to the pace at which everything is done. The rotational semesters between academic and co-operative education terms can leave students breathless. That being said, Kettering University is a school that either makes you or breaks you. If you are strong, it makes you stronger. If you are weak, it makes you want to quit. However, there are several things to help balance that pressure out. Among that list is cool professors and a warm bunch of upperclassmen that know just how you feel.


Being an engineering school in the middle of a desolate place, Flint Michigan, a female presence and social interaction are absent. Each student will work harder than ever before for the opportunity to secure a future while sacrifing their present social life and safety. Stupidity is never a choice when living in the crime ridden city of Flint Michigan.


Not having very many resources for finding a job after graduation. So much of the employment help is focused towards finding students co-ops, because in the past students 9 times out of 10 received an offer for fulltime employment from their co-op employers. Now that the economy is not as ideal as before, it is harder for the companies to extend offers to their co-op students.


The most frustrating thing about the school is its location. Flint used to be a great city, but has come into financial ruin. Things are starting to look up for Flint though!


You have accelerated terms of 3 months. We go back and forth to work and school every three months so just when you get settled it is time to move again. The course load is heavy because of such an accelerated schedule also.


Free money for Black and other ethnic groups who don't deserve to be there because they are not inteligent enough.


The most frustrating thing about Kettering is the student body thinking that anyone is entitled to complain about anything to anyone and the administration should act immediately with every little concern. The student body is very conservative, resistant to change, and stubborn as a whole. Going directly to the president anytime there is a concern is not the way to get things done. The schedule is very demanding and prohibitiive to new ideas for events. The semesters are packed so densly that it feels like there is never any time to just sit and relax like a normal college kid.


How professors do not know how to teach. They say one thing and completely do something opposite, plus no one is helpful at all. It takes about three months to get anything situated and that's the duration of our semester. CHANGE IS NEEDED!


Our schedule. We have a system in which we have 11-week academic terms followed by 12-week co-operative education (work) terms.


Very expensive


It's often very difficult to get anything done when working with the none-teaching staff and the tuition is high.