Kettering University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known the difficulties of trying to balance my social life with academics and work term.


How hard the classes were. Sometimes the teachers don't emphasis what the focus of the course is or how they planout and grade your work. Also some professors are completely subjective on your grade, meaning they give you a grade based off their "feelings" and not evidence.


I wish I had known how lonely you can feel at this school due to the extremely difficult academic conditions. Students are expected to do a standard 16 credit hour term, with several other 20 credit hour+ terms in order to graduate within the standard 4.5 year program.


I wish I had known how pressing it is to work under the circumstances of eleven-week terms. It takes a lot of adjustment in terms of time management skills. But overall, I feel I was well prepared.


I wish that I would have known the quality of the living arrangements on campus.


The only thing that I wish I would have known before I came to Kettering University is how friendly everyone is here. I was nervous about coming because none of my friends were here, but, in no time, I had made a strong group of friends that are still some of my best friends. The professors and staff are very approachable and are more than happy to answer anyone's questions. The upperclassmen are just as nice. My first impression of them was when all the Greek houses helped the freshmen move in.


I would have liked to have known the reality of the total costs of the 4.5 year university. Costs associated with the Senior thesis and Senior 3 terms are forgotten for the most part when comparing Kettering to other "4-year" univeristies.


I wish I had of understood how fast-paced and accelerated the courses were at this university compared to normal colleges.


Everything i needed to know to make a good assessment about the school where known. Its location, difficulty, and lack of females were noted. I cant think of anything that i would have liked to have known before i went.


That financial is not as strong as I would have needed it to be.


It's tough adjusting to the 3-months at school, 3-months at work schedule. Finding a co-op and/or job after graduation can be very stressful.


I wish I knew the limited spaces for a co-op in the physics department, and that the economy was going to suck halfway through my education.


That I knew more about myself. I would have went with a liberal arts school. I would have not picked an engineering school that resides in a city where I would get robbed three times.


More the the Flint area. There are plenty of things to do and see, and I feel that I missed alot of unique events that I would have been interested in.




Scholarship offered by school was for four years, but you are on your own for the fifth...deceptive.


I wish I had known that the staff isn't all that helpful and reluctant to do anything


how fast school and work terms move


Never to buy property in Flint, the area is not getting better.