Kettering University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The ability to network. Most of the student at my university would most likely be working in the same industry and you'll be seeing them later on in your career.


The best thing about my school is the fast pace 11 week terms and the internship program. We have the opportunity to alternate working for 3 months and going to school for 3 months. I feel that this program is already preparing me for the real world and giving me a great amount of job experience. The internship program is also great because with the demanding school schedule it gives you an opportunity to have a change of scenery every couple of months without taking a break you’re your education altogether.


Our cooperative education program, which is a requirement for graduation, is by far the best aspect of Kettering University. We have a 3-month rotation: 3 months of classes, 3 months of work, and so on. Kettering students have a huge advantage in the co-op job market, and by the time we graduate, this work experience translates directly into a correspondingly huge advantage in our careers.


The best thing about Kettering is that you get real-world experience while staying in the safety of a student environment.


The best thing I consider about my school is the Co-op program. This is a program that will alternate every three months between work and school. The reason why I believe this is best is because you get to learn form school but also get that hand on experience in your field. You get to know what it is like and to be in the actual conditions and environment of your major. This is what I like so much about Kettering, they get you started from day one and I learn by doing the work.




The coop program is by far the best thing about Kettering! Where else can you get a high ranked 4-year engineering degree and graduate with 2-2.5 years of professional experience in 4 years?


We have a co-op internship during while we go to school and that is honestly the best thing about this school. You get 2 years of experience during school that others won't and you will get a jump on them in jobs after you graduate.


Co-op eduction, real world experiance that is actually usefull


I met my soul mate at Kettering University. Life makes more sense now.


The coop program is by far the best thing about the school. It teaches students the skills needed to thrive in acutal work settings. The practical experience is priceless.


The best thing about Kettering University is the Co-op program that is in place that allows the students real world experience. This program makes the students work with different parts of the faculty during their time here at Kettering when they are first looking for a job and need contacts, during the work term when they need advice on a project and in their thesis term working on their thesis. The Co-op also allows what we learn in the classroom and apply it to the real world.