Keuka College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


We are all beautiful people


My classmates are diverse, friendly, somewhat snotty but you will find your groups easily.


Since I am a biology major, my class is small and we are all pretty good friends.


They can be quite and some of them can be loud and outgoing. Some of them are very rude and racist. They prefare to mingle with student that are the same race as they are. Most of my class mates are nice and respectful. Am a new student in Keuka, and some of my class mates helped me get on track. Some student are very self centered, but almost all my class mates treats me equally and with the same respect they give to any other student on campus. So far i've got the best class mates at Keuka.


My classmates are smart thoughtful nice caring and funny. When one of us has a bad day we can instantly tell and automatically try to cheer eachother up.


My clasmates are so diverse, being from all parts of the country, state, and even world.


My classmates are intelligent indiviuals, that are very eager to learn. They are very open and are a very resourceful group of young adults. My classmates challenge not only themselve but me as well. Everyone wants to be the top in the class so it makes for very healthy competition. Everyone pushes everyone so its feels like a family.


My classmates are all very friendly.


They are fun, open minded and very smart.


My classmates are great and they are very helpful to one another.


They live right next to me.