Keuka College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our Education program and our OT programs are our most famous programs, we're also known for being on the lake.


My school is best known for its Academic success and is considered one of the best North-Eastern State Colleges.


Keuka College is best known for their ASAP program. This is allowing for me to work full time and attend school full time. This program is also allowing me to attend Jefferson Community College instead of traveling three hours to Keuka. What a great opportunity!!


My school is best know for their education and there occupational therapist field. We are also know for our field periods which means we get experience in our major so when we are hired we have work experience.


Again, the field periods as well as our small tight knit community.


our college is best known for the experiential hands on learning aspect of the college. we have field periods every year. some majors have to do two or more a year.