Keuka College Top Questions

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The most unique thing about this school is their field periods. These are internships that you are required to do in your major for all the years you are attending Keuka. Also you have to do an extra field period if you have a minor. An example of this is if you are an Education major (as I am) you will have to do 4 years of an education field period and if you have a minor in ASL (as I do) then you will also have to complete one field period in ASL on top of other four.


Keuka College is unique because it allows me to jump into my field of study the very first semester! Classes are exciting and very helpful because of motivated and well trained professors! There is always time for students to ask questions and recieve personalized answers from staff. Being a student there I feel that I am in an eviornment that is pushing me to do 110%! People at Keuka are proud, compassionate, and wise!


The way the facilty and staff care for the students attending the school. They always push you to be your best and help you find the path you want to take in life gaining expereience and knowledge your major requires.


We are on a lake, have field periods, and are very small


hand on learning is key interships are required every year students attend


The month long field periods that are required each year. They are a great way for students to gain real life--in the field experience.


I think the lake is unique. the college is right on the lake and owns a part of it so we can boat swim and hang out when we would like to. i also think the security on campus is excellent. the students know the security guards and have a working relationship with them, which i personally believe makes the students feel safer.


The beautiful scenery, the tight student body, certain events, being away from home