Keuka College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell my friends about the great view we have of the lake and the weather as well as how nice everyone is and how easy the faculty is to talk to and access.


When talking about my school, the first thing I brag about is the atmosphere. I am in a small school setting where everyone knows everyone and its easy to get access to professors and mentors. Its a very hands-on campus that the professors are there to help with just a simple talk or a email and they are able to assist you with any problem you have.


The amazing like our campus is build next to. Our campus is a realxing calm place where you can relieve yourself of any stress you have. The best spot is at Point Nemo where you can either sit on the dock in the day and bon fires in the fire pit at night.


The people I have met and the lake


area surrounding school is beautiful teachers are friendly and easy to talk to hands on learning is in all the classes lots of group work and presentations