Keuka College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Keuka College know before they start?


College is going to be scary. But only at first. It's a wonderful opportunity to start fresh and present yourself how you would like to. But just remember that as much as you want to change, you should also bring some parts of yourself with you throughout your four years at college. Look how much you have already been though. It would have all been very difficult if you were not the person you are. So remember to open your mind to new thoughts and new people but don't forget who you are-look how far you've brought yourself!


Go with your gut. you were an education major, now look at yourself. your senior year, going back to being an education major. Study more. Don't drink as much.


Apply to college and go. It's not as scary as it seems. I know it doesn't feel like college is improtant right now but you will be so much better off if you will go. Study, study, study because education is the only thing that can help you acheive the goals you have. Mothers need to have knowlege and your life is going to take some unexpected turns. An education is going to be essentual to taking care of your family. Stop being so scared to raise your hand and ask for help. You do not have to do everything onyour own. There are a lot of people in your life that want to see you suceed and they will help you along the way. It's ok to fail and make mistakes. That is how we learn and progress. As long as you keep trying things will work out. Tomorrow always come and the world has yet to stop spinning because you made a wrong choice. Learn from it and take the next step. It's going to be hard but everything you do is so worth the efforts you put forth.I have faith in you.


If I were to revisit my Senior year in High School, I would advise myself to - first of all - relax. Just because your high school classmates are getting accepted into Yale and Notre Dame doesn't mean they're better than you, they're just at a different stage in their lives. Secondly, I would let myself know that College isn't anything like High School, it is much more independent and you will need to develop personal responsibility with major time management, organization, and initiative. The transition from High School to Community College wasn't a difficult one for me, however the pressure to decide my career and future university choices continued to antagonize my thoughts like a buzzing mosquito. I would inform myself that Community College was the right decision, and although it may have felt as though I missed out on the first two years of a "real" College experience, I now have the knowledge of a College student who has their future plotted out clearly, which is worth much more than a few blurry memories of frat parties. Often times it just takes time to feel comfortable making large, expensive, and educational commitments. That's okay.


Now that I'm in college, there are a couple things I would tell my “senior” self. Most important, develop a study method and perfect it. Starting college without an effective study routine is time consuming and possibly devastating to your first GPA. Figure out the best way to block out time for sports, academics, friends and family. “I should have” is not a phrase you want to hear yourself say often, make the most of everyday as well as all the scholarships available to you. Have a decent bedtime and try to stick to it, you’ll be glad when you’re not falling asleep in that boring 8 o’clock ethics class. Also, don’t slack or skip much senior year, if at all. Make the most of it both socially and academically. Challenge yourself so you don’t go through academic shock your first semester. Establishing a good relationship with your English teacher wouldn’t hurt either. They’ll be more than happy to hear from you and proofread your college papers if you become friends. Lastly, learn to be flexible while also keeping your priorities straight. School comes first but know when you need a break.


I would tell myself that I will come across some teachers that I may not agree with or get along with, but that I cannot let that affect my grades. They may not seem to like me either but that's okay because I don't need to get along with everyone. I need to have patience with the people that aggravate me but to also do my best on all my tests and papers. I also need to study more, I can get away with not always studying but I absolutely must develop some study skills for future tests. And definitely make the time to read for class because it helps comprehension so much it is not even funny. Otherwise, make friends, try to get out of your room as much as possible, and try to balance school, work, and fun and not over do one or the other.


Dear Sarah, As an intelligent young woman there are some things you need to know about life, but there is one particular sound advice you need to hear about--your education. Education is very important and what you need to understand now is that doing well in school such as getting good grades, doing extra curricular activites, and taking dual credits classes as a Senior in high school will only help you get geared into the college spirt of pursing your dreams. Your motivation now as a high schooler will only empower you to reach your educational goals, if you stay focused and driven. College can be challenging, and the one thing that will keep you goal oriented is if you realize that failures and trials will come up in your life, but have faith and keep your head up high. Accept who you are, you are not a failure. Your mistakes don't define you who you are, its what you make of them-- God has given you an incredible spirt and drive to pursue godliness! Keep God first this year, and make the most of every opportunity--I challenge you to do so. Sincerely, Your Consciousness


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would a have a great amount of advice to give myself. First, I would tell myself to try harder. In high school, I was top of my class and didn't give it my all. The college became a shock to me my freshman year when my grades weren't as great as I hoped. Now, since I'm almost a junior, I know that college is a lot harder than high school. I would also tell myself not to procrastinate when it comes to applying to college and for scholarships. Lastly, I would tell myself to get involved as much as possible in high school, because it truly helps you in college. If you get involved in high school you are more likely to get involved in college, and that is the best way to make friends. I wouldn't change a lot about my senior year in high school, but it definitely would have been helpful to have know these hints.


When you are planning your internshps think bigger that you thought. You thought you had great plans and you did because they got you where you wanted to go! But think bigger the world really is your playground and you could have gotten more unique experiences earlier if you had wanted. Keep in touch with friends from high school closer and make sure that they know they are important to you. Don't get in the car! Don't let Katelynn or Shannon get in the car either! Stay at school and watch tv or do homework or something. Then you won't get hurt and you won't have to leave everyone. Yea she will be mad, but you will make new friends and things will be better than ever! Enjoy college to the fullest! You are only young once and you need to get all the experiences that you can get.


Arlene, please do not reject the wisdom of your teachers. PLEASE. I urge you to consider the actions you are taking right now that could affect your future. Do you know how much you will be missing because of your carelessness in that history class? Go back right now and speak to the counselor; she will be the there to help you if you don't understand. Stay close to those friends who care about school. In doing this, you will save yourself time to analyze what will benefit you for your future. Arlene, I have seen what it will look like-- moneywill be difficult to find, getting into the school you want will be much longer, if you even can get in. Go back to that art teacher you have and heed her warning! Do not neglect the wisdom of those who care most about you! Care about yourself. Get good grades and participate in as much as you can, for it will help for future references; trust me. Stay focused. Stay alert. Be persistent. Arlene, I know it is hard now and it gets tiring in school, but don't give up! You'll get your reward.