Keuka College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Sometimes it feels really small and the middle of no where, having a car helps alot


Campus does not provide many weekend activities. No store on campus other than bookstore. You are nearly forced to buy books from bookstore in many cases.


Keuka College has limited extracurricular activities on/off campus due to geographic location.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they are strict on who lives on campus. Everyone who is a full time student and does not live thirty minutes away must live on campus in the dorms. I believe they should change this and let anyone who wants to live off campus. One other thing that is frustrating is the limited number of parking spaces.


The most frustrating thing is the meal plans because we have to have a meal plan if we live on campus and we have to live on campus. Well most of us eat maybe 10 meals there because the food is disgusting and we are paying for 21 meals a week.


So far the most frustrating thing about the school is going through the financial aid process. I have a unique situation and the financial aid process lumps everyone into a limited number of categories. I got lumped into one I shouldn't have, and have had to do a lot of leg work to find the funding to meet the gaps between my aid package and the actual cost of attending, books and all.


It's small and there isn't much to do.


There is nothing to do off campus, unless you want to drive to Geneva, Rochester, or visit other colleges. Pen Yann is so small the best places to go are P&C, Dunkin Donuts, and Rite Aid. Also a lot of people leave on the weekends so you really have to find and make your own fun!


that some of the buildings are out of date and are in real need of updates and it seems like that will never get done. Also the parking areas need to be repaved so people can park better, and if people would park better than there would be more space to parking.


Strong history, poor leadership. The board needs to step in.