King University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


With both traditional and returning adult students, King University offers the college experience for any age. King University students are held to high standard of conduct and we learn within an environment that encourages all fellow students. As a student myself, I have found King University is a TEAM environment, not individual...we obtain our goals together!


King University is a Presbyterian-affiliated university with a very diverse student base. King's staff and students promote a friendly, safe, and comfortable environment. In my program, most of the students work full-time while working towards the same goal: a degree.


My classmates are very determined to stay with there cliques and not go outside their comfort zone.


My classmates in my major classes seem to be a little unfocused and not putting all of their time and energy into the coursework. I believe that they do not put as much time into studying or practicing their skills as they should. They are just ok with being average. However there is many students that are not in my major that are hardworking and dedicated to their education. They take school and their time here seriously and I respect them for that.


Classmates at King College tend to be very friendly, but very reserved in a impersonal sort of way until you are able to get to know them better.


Love 'Em!


My classmates work together well and often


Most of my `classmates were upbeat and always trying new ways to learn and live there life with god.

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