King University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There are a lot of athletes at my King College so they mostly just stay in the cliques of their sport and do not really open themselves up to other people. Me being a NARP (non athletic regular person) it's hard to make friends.


The worst thing about Kng College is that there seems to be a very subtle, but defined social pecking order based on your financial situation; it becomes very quickly known who attends King College on scholarship and financial aid, and who attends on personal family funds, in short somtimes King College, while an excellent place to obtain an education from an academic standpoint, does nothing to discourage the high school type cliques that form on campus, hence one of the main reason for lack of alumni participation.


How easy it is to lose financial aid, and if you do you're stuck because a lot of credits will not transfer to another school that's cheaper.

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