King’s College-Wilkes-Barre Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


King's College offers variety of programs, and the classes are a good size so professors are willing to help a student on an individual basis. They professors want to see their students succeed and they actually know you by name.


My school is a place where you can easily access simple educational needs and be yourself with your friends and people around you.


Fun, friendly and hardworking students.


King's College is one big family that is welcoming and accepting of all races, sexual orientation, ethnicities, socioeconomic status and gender.


King's College is a fun, welcoming , and professional school that motivated students to further their education.


My school has a wondeful campus life, intelligent and challenging teachers, and makes for a well rounded college experience.


small private catholic college located in the city of wilkes barre pennsylvania that was ranked one of the top colleges in the U.S. by business week and has an excellent accelrated phsyician's assitant and a business program that was accreditted by AACSB.


My college is a new experience that challenges me everyday academically and also socially in many ways.


A great education to people who want to be there.


King's College was my first choice from various factors including cost and closeness to home. The friends I have made here will definitely be friends for life. As long as you get involved and keep busy, the experience at King's is worthwhile.


Fun and enjoyable, but challenging while preparing your for life.


A close-knit family that wants to make sure you succeed not only academically, but in all aspects of life.