King’s College-Wilkes-Barre Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The classmatea at King's college are so friendly and diverse which makes the campus feel like a community, like a family.


My classmates have been a very supportive group of students who have always been attentive to the professor's lectures and respectful to the ideas presented by their peers.


My classmates are self-driven, hard working, and very motivated. At King's College students are always in the library, getting tutored, or sitting in their professors office asking for help.


My classmates are passionate about their work, eager to help each other out, and driven to perform the best that they can.


To describe the student body at King?s College, they are extremely nice and fun loving people.


My classmates are nice, and intelligent.


Mostly very focused and education-oriented.


Most of my classmates (not all) were distant, snobby, lazy when it came to studying and school work, uninterested, lacked motivation, and spent most of their time concentrating on making plans for the weekend rather than on the class material that was being presented.


Friendly, Wears sweats to class when it's early in the AM, and opening.