King’s College-Wilkes-Barre Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


King's College is best known for small class sizes so that students receive personalized attention.


King's College is best known for our AACSB accredited McGowan School of Business and our Physicians Assistant Programs!


One of the best colleges for African American men. The Business department is great, students are nice and approachable. Parties are great, nobodies gets wasted or drunk and still has a great time. Easy to get a job and get into graduate school.


King's is mostly known for its community. Both faculty and students are very welcoming to new students.


It's academics.


King's College is best known for it's small classroom sizes and the ability to interact with professors on individual terms.


Small, friendly, community service oriented, fun


My college is best known for their high academic performance. We are a smaller school which allows for more one on one time with each student. All the professors know you by name within a couple of classes; I am more than a face in a crowd.


It is accrediated in business (accounting, finance, marketing, etc), education, and the pa program. They have small class size and will give you the attention needed. Also, the professors are here to help you achieve your goals.


Our football team and field hockey team.


Academic excellence, community spirit, and the Physician Assistant Program.


I think that Kings College is best known for its accommodation. Kings is usually very willing to work with students to ensure that they have the ability to attend college there; the college offers a great deal of financial aid and the people who work there are very welcoming and helpful. In addition, classes are usually small which allows professors to accommodate more easily to each individual students needs by granting them the access to get to know their students better. The staff at Kings College is always working to make the college experience better for the students.


Our claim to fame is McGowan who started MCI. Thus our business program and our PA programs are the two top programs. We have also placed Accounting Majors in a Top 4 firm for like the past 10 years straight, so I guess that's what we are known for.


A great business school. It offers many different opportunities for you to grow and succeed in the business field. Also this school has small class room sizes so all the students can get individual attention if necessary in their classrooms.