King’s College-Wilkes-Barre Top Questions

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Now.. you may or may not know that Morehouse is located in Atlanta, Ga. Being a college student in Atlanta has its advantages and disadvantages.Some of the advantages are that their are always networking opportunities, jobs available, places to shop and eat and the housing is cheap. Actually, the only disadvantage that I can think of is that Atlanta can be a distraction. Morehouse guys remain ambitious and stay in tune with their goals, and resist the temptation that accompanies living in ATL.


I feel like King's is very community based. There are a lot of community service opportunities and we have blood drives every couple of months. I feel like our campus is a very good place to live because it is so friendly.


Kings college is a close knit community based college. When I walked through the doors for the first time, I felt at home and extremely comfortable.


King's College focuses service more than anything else. We are determined to give back to the local community that has welcomed the students and staff to its city. The faculty is dedicated whole heartedly to its students, and put in time beyond the class and required office hours to make sure students get the assistance they need. The school has a 99% career placement rate within six months of graduation. The family atmosphere makes King's a great place to continue one's education.


I think that this school stands out as a top liberal arts school. When you visit here staff and students are very considerate of making you feel like this is the place for you.


Professors truly care about the students. Any one of them will open their office for reasons beyond pure academic issues. The smaller campus size allows you to be familiar with your classmates and feel comfortable walking around campus.


We have the friendliest campus in the state.


It's a very small and close-knit family there. Because of its small size, all the teachers know the students, and all the students know echother. It is also very friendly there, it's not too uncommon to see a teacher grabbing a cup of coffee with a student to chat about class or anything. Everyone cares about everyone else and it is just a very friendly and caring environment.