King’s College-Wilkes-Barre Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who like to live in big community should not attend King's College. King's Colege is a small school with about 3000 students. Therefore, it has a closed community relationship. Almost everyone knows each other around campus regardless of grade level.


A person who does not like a small school should not attend this school. The class sizes are samll compared to big universities like Penn State and Virginia Tech.


Students who don't like to attend class will fall behind. Professors stress that class attendance is very important and it is always a percentage of a your grade. Also at King's it appears that test are a huge part of your grade. If you are not a good test taker I would recommend a different College or University.


If you are looking for a very involved and fun campus this is not the place for you. They tell you it is not a suitcase school but it really is this place is a ghost town on the weekends and the school never does anything to keep students around. Also, if you are environmentally friendly the school refuses to do lots of things you would do in a typical household like paper recycling or having recycle bins in the dorms.


A person who is not dedicated and driven to succeed should not attend King's College because the college holds high expectations of its students. The people who enroll at this school are expected to maintain a 2.5 gpa and attend all of their classes. A person who cannot wake themself up in the morning or be motivated to do their homework and study should not attend because they would simply be wasting their money.


Someone that doesn't want to learn or attend school.


If you want to be meeting new people all the time. King's is like its own family where everyone knows everything.


I don't believe there is a kind of person that should not attend this school. King's accommodates any student no matter what the situation. Whether it be a learning disability or financial hardship, King's will help any person recieve the education they long for!


Someone who doesn't like to work hard.


Someone who is afraid of change. This school changes a lot with the diversity and the students who are involved. You have to be able to accept hard work to be able to make it at this school.


If you like big crowds, loud fraternity parties, going out on Wednesday nights do drink, and other typical college settings, this college isn't for you. We are small tight-knit school where everyone knows everyone through somebody.