King’s College-Wilkes-Barre Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I knew the on-campus apartment system was a lottery and that although everyone is guaranteed housing, you may end up being a junior living in the dorms with a meal-plan. I wasn't aware of this, as all upperclassmen that I know had received on-campus apartments the previous year. However, because of the lottery, my friends and I didn't and now I plan to live off-campus for next year.


Although this is not a big problem, I wish I had known that there was not much diversity in my school, as well as in including the community. Along with this, there is not a lot of freedom here. People and friends of the opposite sex are not allowed to be in my room past 12 in the morning, which gets annoying at times. Besides these little problems, there are no churches of my religous background. I went from going to church every Sunday to not even attending church at all while at school.


I wish I knew that the surrounding nearby area can be unsafe to walk alone at night


I wish I knew more about what to expect of college teachers.


King’s is considered a “suite case” college, where most kids go home on the weekends. I wish I would have known this before I came, not like it would have affected my decision to come. Many either commute or they go home on the weekends because they live so close. It can get very dead on the weekends but King’s does a good job providing entertainment on the weekends.


One thing I wish I had known before decided to come to King's College is, how expensive it is to live here. After graduation I will owe close to a six figure amount of money. This amount is unacceptable in the eyes of my parents who have co signed on all of my loans. They still have three other children who will be reaching college age in the next 4 years. They cannot risk the chance of having bad credit should something go wrong in my career field.


I would have like to know more about housing and what it is relly like to live in the dorm vervus in the housing.


Before coming to King's college, I wish I had known the basic things that most people entering college for the first time are unsure of. I wish King's had set up events enabling students to meet their roommates or even to choose their roommates. I also wish I knew where many of the buildings were ahead of time to avoid the hectic nature of the first several weeks of classes. Essentially, I just would have liked to know the normal things that incoming freshmen are unsure of initially at most college or universities.