Kirkwood Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


In my school we are best known for what we do for the community. In our community we help elementry, middle, and high schools get excited about all kinds of subjects. We have helped plant flowers for a butterfly garden to help allow students to get first hand experience to analysis butterflies it there habitat. Our school encourages all subjects, for example science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We have students that volunteer to help out in community events such as science fairs and other events to get younger students to have fun and enjoy learning new things.


My school is probably best known for the low cost of classes and for all the opportunities it provides. Almost anyone can get into Kirkwood, regardless of their gpa or their previous educational experiences. There are small class sizes at a low cost for the same education as at a larger university.


Kirkwood Community College is best known for it's strive for excellence, it's encouragement to keep their students reaching their academic goals and for their low tuition and fees. I believe Kirkwood is a great place for high school students to go to for their first 2 years of secondary education based on the low $111 per credit, having small classrooms where students are not intimidated to approach their teachers, and a great enviroment with alot of events that make it easy to meet others and gain new friends.


Kirkwood Community College is known not only in Iowa but across the nation. They offer many different courses that allow you to be successful. They have an exceptional science building and is one of the rare community colleges to have a cadaver for students to observe. With the small class and campus size, it makes learning easier. Kirkwood goes above and beyond in helping their students move to the next step in their lives. They strive to make transferring easier by offering courses equivalent to colleges worldwide and provide many free workshops that help you after your Kirkwood graduation.


My School is best known for being a great place for students to begin their college experience. Kirkwood prides itself on providing cheap quality education to their students. Kirkwood also prides itself on its slogan "Start Here, Go Anywhere" which means that their credits they give out are transferable to many four year universities. If the student is content with a two year degree Kirkwood also provides excellent course studies to help students jump right into their work field.

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