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Besides from the fun teachers, countless clubs and organizations for any and everyone, and the free events, Kirkwood is a similar to high school in many ways. Whether high school seniors are not ready to transfer to a huge university with thousands of students, or adults are wanting to gain a better career, Kirkwood is a great place for anyone to make a new start. Kirkwoods motto is "Start here, go anywhere" and i feel this a true statement for anyone who wants to get ahead in life.


Kirkwood is Iowa's largest community college with learning centers spread out over eastern Iowa which makes it easy for students to attend classes without having to drive to the main campus in Cedar Rapids. Kirkwood is also the cheapest community college in the area and also the most renowned. Kirkwood also has programs set up with the three main universities in Iowa that students can be a part of which will help their transition to one of those schools easier.


It has the lowest tuition in Iowa for community colleges.

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