Kirkwood Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you need to boost your GPA by taking a few classes to transfer to a good college, then you should attend Kirkwood.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone that wants a hands on experince with their major. I was put into a classroom my first semester of my first year. That was really helpful. It gave me the confidence that this is truely the major I want. Also the type of person that should attend this school would be a driven person. Since it gives you a hands on experince you need to work hard at what you are doing. Since this is something that you are serious about doing the rest of your life.


Rady to learn and motivated to accomplish your goals. These are a few characteristics that a person would need to poses in order to exccide at Kirkwood Community College. Kirwood offers a wide variety of courses. They also are unique because they offer many classes for people that aren't the typicall college student. They off night and weekend courses that help acomidate the working students. They also offer flexable classes that can be taken online or as a packet class. Kirkwood is great with working with students to help them in achieving their goals on all levels.


This school is rather slow, it's good if you need to get your gen-eds out of the way but if you're looking for a challenging academic environment look elsewhere.

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