Kirkwood Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I honestly don't think my high school really prepared me for college. I was no prepared for the amount of work I was going to have to do. I had projects and tests every week. While I was at school for much less time, I had so much more homework. My high school really focused on finals. When finals came around last semester I studied really hard, thinking they would be more difficult than my high schools. They were at least three times as easy as my high schools tests. I wish I had been a little more prepared.


I wish I would have known how to get envolved in more activites around my school before I came here. This would have ben a great way for me to meet people within my college better and easier. It also would have given me a great opportunity to do different things within the community and my school.


One important factor that I wished I would have know before coming to Kirkwood, is all the financial opportunities they offered. There are so many opportunities to help lower your tuition cost that I did not take advantage of.


I wish I would have known how genuinelly helpfull all the staff at Kirkwood are. They are right their to answer any and all the questions that students might have. When I decided to head back to school, I was very unsure on what exactly I needed to do. After making a few phone calls to some of the departments at the school the staff was great in heading me off into the proper directions. I would highly recomend Kirwood to any student either returning to school or coming out of highschool.


Before I came to Kirkwood Community College I wish I would've known about the amazing student groups we have. Student Senate, Drama club, Choir, there are so many amazingly talented groups of people, and I wish I would've gotten involved as soon as I arrive there, rather than later.


I wish I'd known how easy the classes would be, I wish I'd known how dumb my fellow students would be, I wish I'd known that the people running the college were inept.


I am taking online classes due to the long distance I live from the campus, but I wish I was better at time management and spacing out my assignments and tests. I have 3 children, so it can be hard to find time for assigments but some time management skills would have benefited me before going back to school.

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