La Roche College Top Questions

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La Roche has small, intimate classes. The professors are great, and you normally refer to them on a first name basis. Because classes are small (10-25) you really get a hands on learning experience. There is a lrge international student population on campus which is great because tou are exposed to people from all over the world. People are very friendly - both students and staff. Although La Roche is a catholic school, there is not a "pushy" view on religion. I really enjoyed my time there.


The fact that it was small. It had that teacher student interaction thats really helpful to me and that I enjoy. To some extent the administartion can be useful and other times they can screw you over in more ways then one.


I found my school to be very dedicated to getting me the best education I could possibly have. My last school did not really help me to succeed and did not care about their students.


This school is very culturally diverse with student coming from all over the world. The size is also very unique. Classes usually have 20 people or less, so one on one interaction with professors is very common.