La Roche College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who attends this school needs to have the self-drive to further his or her education without the pressure of others to do so. The students need be independent and know how to take advantage of opportunities presented to them. The individuals would thrive at this school if they know how to self advocate and take advantage of the staff to student ratio.


The kind of person that should attened this school is one that is not afraid to get involved in as many activites that the school offers. This person should also be one that is friendly and gets along with everyone nomatter whace and or religion is. people that tend to get involved in activited are the ones who make something out of them selves at this school.


Someone who is willing to work hard and maintain their social life, while having, fun but still being able to do their work and maintain good grades. Anyone who wants a easy start but wants to put their best foot forward, should defintely attend this school.


One that knows they are going to face a rather apathetic school but committed to trying to change that.


I person that likes one- one time with teachers and and students. Like having International diverity in school. Love having friends and being a small family. Knowing everyone at your school.


A person who was shy in high school, but really wanted to show there true colors to everyone.


People who attend this school should like small, tight knit communities and should prefer one on one interactions with professors. They should also prefer a quiet community as opposed to busy, city life. This is also a good school for those who want to be exposed to many different cultures and ethnicities.


A Catholic, conservative person who does not like much excitement.