La Roche College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myseld to adopt a healthier lifestyle early on in life, which entails multiple things, including good, nutritious food, drinking plenty of water, getting adequate amount of sleep, and being organized about my living space, actions, and thoughts, to name just a few. In the last year or so, I had an opportunity to experience this for myself. I am in my last year of college and am the healthiest and happiest I've ever been. The amount of things I accomplish during the day now is more than I used to do in a month during my early college years. As I look back now, I feel a bit sad about how much time I've lost mindlessly walking the streets, playing useless video games, and simply being lazy. I have many talents and natural abilities and it breaks my heart that I haven't developed them earlier. I won't say that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy, but it can truly become a life changing experience. So if I had one advice for others, including myself, it would be this: learn about healthy lifestyle and make it an integral part of your life.


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior I would have told myself that everything is worth it. School is worth it. Studying gets you farther than you can imagine. Finding the right college is important and you need to start applying for colleges in the beginning of your senior year. I would have also told myself that getting involved on campus as a senior will ensure that you will walk away with a great senior experience. I would have told my senior self that the ending of high school is really not the end, it is the start of the real future. I would have told my senior self to make every last secound count because once senior year is over there is no going back. Senior year is supposed to be one of the best years of your life in high school. I would tell myself to not be afraid of the future. Never take a single thing for granted and it is okay to meet new people. I would tell myself that I am a strong independent woman and I will be great someday. College is the new beginning.


Apply for a college where you know for sure, is the best fit for you and know for sure what career you want to pursue. Also if you get a chance to participate in any college sport give it 100% and give it your all. Work hard and put god first


If I were to go back and have a talk with myself when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself to play hard, but work harder. School is te number one priority, and although it is important to make friends and establish a social life, school is most important. I would tell myself, that ONLY weekends are for going out, and ONLY go out if all school work is complete. I would tell myself to take all kinds of classes my freshman year, and not focus on a major. I would tell myself to not abuse the freedom that college gives you. When it comes time to picking a major, I would tell myself to make sure that I picked something that I enjoy. I would suggest to myself, if not ready for a four-year school, try community college for a semester or a year. I would say to leave highschool behind and to focus on a new chapter in life. Most importantly, I would say enjoy college years, make wise decision, and remember that school ALWAYS should be top priority.


The very first thing that I would tell myself would be to look for all the availble scholarships so that I could get all the funds I needed to get into any school that I wanted to. I would also tell myself to not depened on my academic advisor to schedule my classes for me because sometimes they mess up and then that leads to a different issue that needs to be fixed. Look into more dance colleges so that I would be better informed as to what the college offers and that best fits my description of what I'm looking for before I apply there. I would need to understand that in order to get things done the way that I want them to be done, I will have to do them myself. Once you have an assingment to do, do it! DONT PROCRASTINATE, STAY FOCUSED, AND PRAY MORE OFTEN!!


When it comes to choosing a college, be sure to examine everything about it. From, size, costs, enviorment, programs, mission statement, how much is avaabe to your needs. The school has to promote your happiness and aware that it was done by you and for you and no one else. Even if you don't have any main direction in your life, you want to develop a foundation to get started. I agree that college isnt for everyone, there is no harm in trying and change is constant. I do wish I had been more prepared but I was forcing myself to try and reach others expectations instead of reay setting and achieving my own.


Ramona, take high school seriously and give yourself time to study. Ramona please don't drink that beer and for the blessings of your God given talent don't smoke that joint , because you only think it makes you more artsy and deep. Ramona please remain abstinate, you of all people are not ready to have children, wait for marriage and the right man. Ramona listen to your parents for they have been where you are going they are not stupid, you can't hide the smell of beer or marijuana with cheap perfume. Ramona just stop and think through the consequences of your actions.


My biggest advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be enjoy being a kid while you can. I have been working since the age of 16 because I live in a single parent family. If I knew what I do now, I would have taken more time to have fun and do school related activities while I could. Now I attend college full time and have two jobs. I would tell my past self to pace yourself and focus on your own needs, rather than taking care of everyone else. Don't dwell on the minor high school drama, enjoy yourself!


Talk to people that attended the college in which you are interested in, don't let money alter your decisions, because theres always a way to find the money needed for tuition. Make sure that the campus has a lot of activities, otherwise you will get REALLY BORED!


Find the roght college is hard, i know, and some times you are sitting there lookin gat the brochure say is this school really for me? well i can say that all you have to do is trust you decition and have fun and get alot out of your experence at the school because the time will fly and after it is all over you will be saying "i should have done that" or "man what didn't i do more for my major" because the things you do in school are what counts for your furture outside of it.


Make sure that's a college where they can be themselves, and get the education that they want and equally deserve at the same time.


You should thoroughly check out the school, by talking to alumni and other sources. Try looking at schools in other countries. Like the Caribbean, where they value education and it is cheaper because of there currency.


Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. The more you step out of it, the more satisified you will be in the end. Also, do not be afraid to be embarrassed or do something you wouldn't ever picture yourself doing. My first week in college I sang at Open Mic Night--and I cannot sing very well. Do community service. Helping others not only helps those in need but you actually help yourself become a better person. Take responsiblities of your actions and do not be afraid to stand up for your beliefs. Be yourself.


Look for a school that best fits you and what you're going for. don't go to a school because people say it's good or because you think you should make the decision yours(the students) only


When looking for the right college visit a large variety of schools with your major. Go to both small and large schools, public and private, and suburban & urban or rural. Try to find a school within your price range, but there are always scholarships available. Online college search engines are a great way to find a starting list. Over night visits might also be helpful.


Have fun, but do your work. Find things that make you happy and makes you fit in with the right type of people at college. stay out of trouble. Make fun of the college that you chose to go to.


My best advice to anyone trying to find the right college is to visit as many schools as you can. Get a feel for what is right by seeing what each school has to offer. Some schools make look and sound great from the brochure but could be an awful school. Make sure that the teachers are willing to help you succeed and not just there to spit out information out of a textbook. College is not all about going to class and studying all the time. Have fun and meet new people because college is a time to meet life-long friends. Study hard and still keep time to socialize. College can be a blast, you just have to ignite the spark.


If you want your children to grow up in a culturally vast and fun learning environment then you should choose La Roche. It has a catholic background with little emphasis on it.


When choosing a college to attend you want to choose one that fits your personality. If you like to party and let lose then choose a school that offers that. If you are focused mainly on your academics then choose a school that has the best program for your major. Lastly if you want a balance of academics and social there are many schools at your figure tips. One big tip when choosing a college is to remember it?s not permanent. There is no rule that says that you cannot change schools if you don?t like your first choice. One last thing, remember that you can be whoever you want to be in college, but the best advice I have for you is just be you. Don't try to change who you are, but just try to put yourself out there more so you can meet new people. This will pay off in the long run.


I have now attended two different colleges over the past three years and the best advice that I can give is to look at a wide variety of schools and to sit in on a class or two at each school. Make sure that you look at at least one school of each size to be sure about what you're really looking for. What you have in mind may not be what you really want in the long run, so it's good to look around before making decisions, even if you think you know what you want. Sitting in on classes is extreemly important as well. You need to get an idea of what the professors are actually like during class and what the class sizes are like. This can very often be a deciding factor in your decision and you cannot always rely on what admissions coucelors tell you. Make sure you take a look first hand. Other than that, I'd say to definitely make class and schoolwork a priority but don't forget to make some time for yourself to relax and enjoy your time in college, otherwise you'll never make it through.


Which kind of place would you be more comfortable at? A small campus or large campus or urban or rural. All these things have to be taken into account. Also does it have the major you want? Is it near home?


Know what you're looking for going into it. Make sure you tour the ENTIRE campus and talk to students who are majoring in your field. Find out what's really going on, don't just take the administrators word for it. Oh yeah, and make sure you eat in the cafeteria on a normal day, not just a visitation day.


I believe in order for a student to find the right college they must realize that they can not afford to go to a party school and they can not afford to party in general. You need to find a campus and education process in which is good for the student alone and the major of their choice. The student must also realize that the smaller and more secure the classrooms are, the more they are going to benefit from their college experience. Also you have to make sure the cafeteria food is good if not you will find yourself going out to McDonalds everyday.


Find the college that fits your personality. If you like to be loud and outgoing, then a bigger school is better for you. If you like to have individual attention then a private or smaller university is going to be more beneficial. Make sure you are comfortable with the surroundings and the city around where the college is located and the different activities that go on at the campus and outside of the campus. Don't be afraid to ask a ton of questions because there is no such thing as a stupid question.


When you are choosing your college, so many factors influence your decision: friends, family, boyfriends, extracurriculars. The best advice I can give is to go with your gut. I tried to make myself like schools based on preconcieved ideas about what it would be like and who i knew would be there. Listen to the input from the people around you, especially your parents! Also look into the schools financial situation because a school that is short on money is less likely to provide what you need as a student. As for making the most of the experience I think an open mind is the most important. You are going to meet all kinds of people and it can be easy to be overwhelmed and shut down to thinks that are unfamilar. Just give people a chance. For grades, go to class. If you skip it just gets easier to do it again and again.


Visit as many colleges as you can beginning as early as you can to give yourself maximum options and experiences. Pick open house visits over individual visits because more questions get asked and answered than you'll think of by yourself and you'll end up with more information and a better understanding of the school. As for being on campus, try to get involved by joining activities, but remember to focus on your school work and most importantly, show up to class.


Anyone whomever you are, research the school very carefully. Be sure to ask many questions and be committed toward what you are looking for. College is definitely an experience. I believe its up to you when making your own experience. You can decide whom your friends are, whether you get up for class or want to take it seriously. Be responsible about the classes you choose, keep an outline of what you are taking and keep up with it. Don't be afraid to ask for help because there is no shame in that. Don't lose sight of what is important to you, in the end of your schooling term thats all you have is yourself to truly depend upon. There is always a way to accomplish what you would like to do, but do it right and in a timely manner. As my dad would say, "Different stokes for different folks and different speeds for different breeds". I know we live in a competitive world but dont forget who you are and what you stand for.