La Roche College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The people here aren't genuine and i feel like they dont care about you here.


the most frustrating thing would have to be how much emphisist some staff pushes diversity at the school. there is this one class that is required for student to take there freshman year and is worth one credit. What this class was about was the history of the college and the diversity it has today. It just got to the point where everyone would put some much time just to pass this class and no matter what you wrote about it had to relate to diversity.


The tuition is so high, and there is not many things to keep you occupied at school. If your out of state the school does not provide shuttle transportation to the store. Or if you have to go to a class that is off campus you have to find your own transportation.


See above


The most frustrating part of my education is the parking situation because at times there will be no where to park in the lot. La Roche is a small campus but has too many commuters and not enough parking spaces.


Well, what it cost!!!!! I understand tuition will always come at an unreasonable price, but if the administration would place more effort in ways to help you or your parents pay for school would definitely help. Education wise its wonderful, socially its good but needs improvement, the food at times is not worth paying for, not to mention they charge you too much if you dnt have a plan or money to eat at that particular time. There are consistent problems with the rooms, whether its the AC/Heat, showers or cable. I mean, where does the money go?