La Salle University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates here at La Salle are all different and unique in their own ways, but they are all very kind. At La Salle there is someone always willing to help from holding the door for you to letting you use their quest swipe in the dining hall.


One thing I notice about La Salle is that there are many different groups of people, Fraternity/Sorority members, athletes, student organization leaders, smokers, "geeks", foreigners, and others. However, regardless the group that they affiliate themselves with, at any part of the day whether it is lunch, a party, in the hallway, or whatever you see people of many groups interacting. I know I can call up anyone regardless their race, religion, preference, or any other group and ask them to hangout, walk to class together or study together, whatever the case may be. Of course there are some people who dislike others, that is only naturally. However for the most part you see people talking to each other from different backgrounds daily. Students are mostly from the northeast region of the United States. They are not only from there, but mostly. There is a good mixture of different financial and/or political backgrounds. College students in general tend to be less politically aware since we have the mindset that our vote does not count, but there is a good split of those aware and those unaware as well as a good split of political beliefs. Students daily attire varies. For the most part it is casual. Athletes almost always wear sweats unless they have a presentation. Students involved in Greek life usually wear something with their letters and other students usually dress casually in jeans or something similar. There are the few students here and there who where dresses, heels, and skirts, but for the most part attire is casual or business casual. People only dress up for presentations. Overall student life at La Salle is similar to that of a community.


The students at La Salle vary a lot. There is not one "typical student." There are students how are there to play sports, to get into graduate school, to get a job, to get the college experience, and many other reasons. There is plenty of opportunities to get to know people from all walks of life on campus. Most students are from the Philadelphia area, but there are also students from all over the country and the globe. However part of La Salle's mission is to provide an education to people coming from lower socioeconomic status, this is evident throughout campus.


The students are either white or black. It is very rare to have any other races in between.


While good majority of students are from New Jersey and Pennsylvania we have good number of people from around the country and in recent years the number of international students coming to LaSalle has grown higher and higher. Most students just wear sweatpants and a hoodie and such to class, but there are definitely a good number of people who dress up to class as well. There is a lot of economic diversity among the student population on campus. And I think everyone can find their niche here and if the school doesn't have a club offered students are always starting their own clubs and such.


Mostly White, Mostly Catholic, Mostly from South Jersey, Northeat Philly or Bucks County. Everyone stays with their own kind.


The student body is fairly good. there is not alot of diversity on campus or intermingling of the races although they like to tell people that. But I wouldnt say there is race fights or anything either. For the most part everoyne gets along.


They are no always interested in class work, but very friendly and welcoming.


Very diverse


My classmates are very creative and artistic. They enjoy what they do and are very proud of their work for the most part. They are very friendly and helpful.


Classmates are friendly and ambitious young adults.


My classmates are great people who like to have fun and get their work done.


My classmates at La Salle are competitve, yet supportive in the classroom, making it an exciting, yet comfortable and facilitating learning environment.


My classmates are friendly and helpful, we get along and help eachother out. Although, the classes consist of a small amount (20-30 people) so it there is somewhat of different kinds of cliques